New Running shoes?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by genesis, Jan 23, 2012.

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  1. Hello Arrse'rs! I'm guessing you lot can run quite well, rapists etc

    Any way. After some running shoes but i have boat feet, Any advice? And is it worth going into He runs-She runs to get measured or is it just a way for them to sell me junk?
  2. Sail then you throbber.
  3. Brown issue road slappers is all a man ever needs, and with all the money you save you can buy drink and dismiss all that running malarky.
    the only time you ever need to run is when a lion or suchlike is chasing you.
    running for pleasure?? it's not natural I tell you.
  4. If you can get some, try Brooks Beasts (the originals) - they were the staple of 5AB Bde and could take a fair bit of punishment before losing their "bounce".

    I know an updated model are available but I haven't given them a go yet as I've a pair of Asics with only 5500 miles on them.
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  5. You never got issued road slappers, did you?

    IIRC They were either black or white, not brown.

    Old sweat walt? :)
  6. Ah cheers Badger!
  7. £30 pair of Asics, sorted. Or the gucci issued grey PT-03s.
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  8. If you have a bit of cash to spend, go for inov8s. I swear by them, their off road shoes are fantastic ( mudroc / mudclaw).
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  9. did did so there. and we then had to shine them with BLACK polish.
  10. I'd advice going to a "proper" running or sports shop, preferably one that does gait analysis, they can video you while running on a machine and then advise what type of trainer you need depending on whether you're neutral or a over or under-pronator. However you might find you pay more for a "decent" pair of trainers, but you will, normally, get what you pay for.
  11. You'll probably be able to pick up a decent bargain if you've got massive hooves and you know what suits you, for example do you need stability or neutral shoes? Look for stuff from last season, mostly it's only the colours that change and if they change anything else they might be ******* them up anyway. So you might as well buy as cheap as you can. I like Adidas Supernova Glides or Asics Gel Nimbus, cushioned shoes for a neutral gait both good but the latter more expensive so I only buy them if they've got a hefty chunk of discount. I'vd used this place and had good service for the past few years.

    Training Shoes --- Start Fitness
  12. I have a pair of asics, seem to be a lot more durable than previous shoes I've had and after bunging them in the washing machine the other day I got asked if I had bought a new pair.

    Whatever you do, do NOT buy shoes from some chavvy shop like JJB or Sportsdirect - you will wreck your feet and they'll fall apart anyway.
  13. Both JJB and sportsdirect sell asics
  14. Best get a proper job then as i run like i walk

    like an ape!!!
  15. And whats with the " five finger" type shoes?!!