New ruling to force British voters to show ID before voting

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by .Sven, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. I think this is a good idea, ZANU Labour fear the idea as they know that they will suddenly lose voters off the roll.
  2. Why are they still persuing this issue when Mr Cameron has clearly stated that the next Government will put an end to the ID Card proposals.

    When will that slack jawed fat cnut Brown and his party whore Harman and lezzer Smith get it into their fecking useless heads that the days of the fuhrer are quickly coming to an end.

    Just put us (the country) out of our misery Gordon and find a quiet woods somewhere and do the honourable thing, at least you'll be remembered for getting one thing right!!!
  3. Just wait for it to be deemed racist, just like the suggestion that people should show ID when voting in the US was last year.

    Apparently, it was both racist and disenfranchised people who were not eligible to vote anyway...
  4. Wonder if "they" will try and make the ID card the only valid form of identification.
  5. Thats the problem, while I have no problem showing ID to vote, I do not want or intend to have a ZANU Labour ID card forced on me.
  6. Why a compulsory ID card???

    Just pop along to the voting booth with a copy of your poll tax payment. :)
  7. There are two aspects to this.

    (1) Individual as opposed to household registration. Individual registration has long been advocated by the Conservatives. Individual registration is, in effect, already in place for those forces personnel and partners who choose to register as service voters.

    (2) Voter identification at the polling station. You would need to check the Conservatives' detailed views on different types of identification, but my understanding is that they are at least in favour of the principle.

    It should be clearer when the actual announcement come out.
  8. Not a problem, I have 2 forms of government issued photo ID already
  9. Of course they fear it. That is why they are introducing it!

  10. A report for the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust found last year that there have been at least 42 convictions for electoral fraud in Britain in the past seven years.

    In 2004 a judge quashed the results of two local council elections in Birmingham after deciding that there had been systematic large-scale postal-vote rigging. The judge said that he had heard evidence of fraud that “would disgrace a banana republic”.

    The Government had resisted the switch out of fear that it would result in a sharp dip in the number on the electoral roll. A similar exercise resulted in a drop in the vote in Northern Ireland. This would be likely to be most pronounced in more deprived areas, which Labour feared would mean a disproportionate effect on their own vote.

    My Bold

    You didn't read the whole article, did you.
  11. A typical Tory Times mind-reading exercise telling us why there "may" have been resistance and what "might" happen when introduced. Another fact-free zone.
  12. They also have pland to make you 'Book Out' when going abroad, followed by 'Booking back in' upon your return.

    Dare say that after the dust has settled, you'll have to swipe to leave and enter your own home. You may laugh, but 12 years ago who'd have believed that we would be the most spied on nation in Europe!
  13. Cue a sudden lack of distribution/availability of "appropriate" ID in marginal seats. Wouldn't put it past them after the recent "we will legislate to do what we like" buisness.
  14. Aaaahh! Your favourate refrain to admonish a view you cannot dispute but choose to rebut. It normally proceeds your launch into your own fact-free diatribe - which you present as 'the facts'. Is that on its way too.
  15. I think this is a good way to prevent terrorism.