New Rules Resettlement Allowances

if you have a resettlement course that is close to your own home what, if any, allowances are you entitled to claim????

i assume IE of £5 per day.

but can you claim food allowance/mma/etc????

thank you in advance.


If you're living in your own home, you shouldn't get IE but you ought to be able to claim for a missed meal for lunch (sandwiches from home don't count: a Big Mac and Coke does) and daily travel (depending on how far you've got to travel each day).


According to our IERO, there are no new rules on Resettlement allowances. It has always been the case that you look for Service accom first and then get a NA chitty if necessary.

Don't believe you can claim IE if you live at home but coffees/lunches (with receipts) and daily travel should be OK
cheers, i think i will just take the accommodation that is on offer & all the other allowances that go with that.


You won't get any allowances because the rules got tightened up last year.

Basically, you have to use military accommodation if it's available within 90 minutes travel of where the course is taking place (in other words, you need a non-availability chit to use civilian accommodation). That also goes where the company offers you accommodation as part of a package: you only get refunded GBP 534 for the training and you foot the rest of the bill.

The education centres have a special code so you can be paid accommodation allowances if the company has done a deal with CTP.

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