New Royal Welsh/ QDGs Museum

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by tropper66, Feb 20, 2010.

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  1. The new museum to open its doors on Monday inside Cardiff Castle, showing the History of both regiments, should be worth a visit
  2. Thanks for the info.

    I haven't been to Cardiff Castle since the late 90's. Its now on my to do list for June.
  3. Its a bit light for a military history geek, but kids will love it. If taken in with all the other stuff in Cardiff Castle it is a great day out, they even now have a working trebuchet on the castle green, the kids there today thought the 08 Spandau was the dogs
  4. I found the write up quite informative, never knew the QDG were at Waterloo? :?
  5. Dont go on" the things you never knew about history" thread FFs
  6. sorry double post
  7. Its just such a shame that it will have to move to Edinburgh when they amalgamate with the Scots DG! :D
  8. Great stuff. I only visited the museum last May and didn't know they were about to rebuild it.
  9. You would not have seen it as it is underground, one of the problems they had was the massive amount of historical stuff they found when digging the hole