New Royal Baby Name?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fltpilot, Apr 11, 2013.

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  1. Kate Middleton royal baby name revealed?
    Odds on the Duchess of Cambridge having a daughter named Princess Alexandra slashed from 10/1 to 2/1 in the past 24 hours.

    And their i was hoping the baby would be named after where it was conceived?
  2. Sea King?
  3. Damn and I was going to back Chardonnay as the name.
  4. I think something modern and also honouring William's much loved late mother. How about Princess Hewitt? Or is that reserved for when the spare one fathers a spare heir?
  5. Show head on a pike at the Tower 21:00hrs
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  6. Isn't Arrse great. Royal baby name to fish gobbling in 7 posts!
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  7. With royalty no longer having to marry inbred German nobility and hitching up with commoners I was hoping for something a bit more old chavtonian. A selection from my shortlist should help:

    Tarts; Adrienne Alanna Ashleigh Britney Candice Chantelle Chelsie Chelseigh, Chloe Cindy Courtney Cortnee Cortnie Danielle Jade Jodie Jordan Kayleigh Keeley Keira Kimberley Kylie Leanne Leigh Lou-Lou Mia Paige Poppy Stacey Tyler
    Lads: Ashley Chayse Conor Connor Curtis Damon Declan Dillon/Dylan Dwayne Duwayne Grant Jordan Josh Kade Kane Kieron Kyle Lance Liam Mason Mitchell Myles Painton Rhys / Reece Ryan Scott Shane Troy Tyler Wayne

    Tyler is good if the furture monarch turns out to be a raving trannie!
  8. The only site where it could happen!!!
  9. If that was a live pike, he gets some serious man points/idiot points/sudden transsexual points.
  10. Should be something multicultural and inclusive - Prince DuWayne, Princess LaToya?
  11. By all accounts, Saint Diana was multi-cultural and all inclusive.

    Shall I go and get another pike??
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  12. Never mind the fish on a willy, whats going on with the eel in the background?
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  13. I got an O2 tag for less than that!

    Anyway, the Royals should embrace multi-culturalism and stuff, innit.

    His Royal Highness Cetshwayo kaMpande has a nice ring to it.
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  14. That family likes guess -Victoria

    Since if it's a girl she'll be a Queen regnant Victoria II has symmetry

    there never been a regnant Alexandra they'll want a name you can stick a number on

    Mary III ? (ooh dodge) Anne II ? ( nah)

    Elizabeth III ? too samey ...

    but Victoria II ? That would work
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