New Royal Anglian Regt Tie

I see the Regimental council have finally binned the horrible British Rail style tie with the Red castles in favour of the Association tie -Blue with bold Red and Yellow bands. Very much a Norfolk and Suffolk looking thing and a step in the right direction if you ask me.

Now why would a Green Jacket be interested in an Anglian tie ?
Sorry no piccie available.

And in answer to a conversation we had last year -3 Royal Anglian supplied 18 guys to the 2nd Bn for their Iraq tour.
A platoon from the 3rd will also be going to Kabul at the same time that the Vikings relieve the Booties down south.



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It was Kibs who worked for Virgin Rail as a trolly dolly - but he didn't look like this!


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also, if you are going to post about the difference between one thing and another it would be nice to see some comparisons.

'Ang on - there ain't no such fing as British Rail anymore! You shure you got yor faks right? :slow:

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