New Routemaster needs fuel - shock!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by putteesinmyhands, Dec 21, 2011.

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  1. The new Routemaster replacement for London's Bendy Buses broke down on the M1 on Monday. Evidently nobody thought to fill it with diesel for its trip to the Millbrook Testing Ground.

    BBC News - New London Routemaster bus runs out of fuel on M1

    Has the Tesla braking system really improved to the extent that it's more than 100% efficient?

    Right. So somebody did know that it would have to pull into a couple of lay-bys on the M1 during the journey. Erm... so the first one will be London Gateway (Scratchwood) Services, 5 miles from the depot... ...and the next will be at...

    Especially if they don't fill the fuel tank.
  2. Even if the passengers have to get out and push it around the route it will still be an improvement on Livingston's ridiculous bendy bus **** heaps......
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  3. Bit of a non-story that the left-leaning, Labour Party loving, BBC jumped on with glee.
  4. Lol, sometimes these buses really are "utilitarian". it's possible there isn't a fuel gauge in it. I occasionally drive an L reg double decker that's been turned into a play bus and the only indicator for low fuel is a flashing light. The problem is that when it starts flashing, you don't really know if you have 20 miles left in the tank or 60 miles. We now top it up after every other job just to be safe.
  5. You'll have to explain to us yokels living in the sticks wtf is the problem with bendy buses?
  6. they work fine on long straight roads Brighton's got a couple of London surplus ones for the run from the seafront to the uni they work fine doing that.
    taking them round sharp corners like for instance in the centre of London not so fine.
    best left to European city's that were remodeled by the RAF and Germans so have nice straight roads
  7. Unlike the Old Bill buses, not recommended for transporting troops to the Western Front. Sitting ducks for Stukas as they park up at the roadside to recharge their batteries.

    Phew! Managed to get a military aspect in. Now I won't get shouted at for putting this in the wrong forum.
  8. Nostaliga, propoganda, overblown media hype seems to be the major problem.
  9. Have to agree, we have articulated buses and TRAMS in Vannes, Lorient, Quimper, Brest & Morlaix with no problems whatsoever. Do like the new bus for London, pity it is not a CNG/Electric hybrid
  10. There are quite a few on The city of yorks (imagine)roads .They have no trouble there
  11. But you probably don't have four lanes of traffic on roads that were built for two lanes, London traffic, CCTV monitored box junctions and bus routes that take in 90 degree turns.

    TfL also didn't like them because they have three entrances and were operated by only a driver/conductor - so only the mugs using the front entrance had to pay.