New Routemaster buses will be driven by Eastern Europeans

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Matematik, Jan 14, 2012.

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  1. It's already happening. I was over Finchley way a couple of months ago and I asked a bus driver parked at a bus stop if he knew a road I was looking for. He could barely speak any English and kept pointing to a box that was attached to the panel above and in front of his head. It was some sort of bus company Tom Tom. It told him where and when to go.

    I don't really believe they can't recruit locally. I think it's using technology and getting a compliant and cheaper workforce.
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  2. The sad thing is it only seems to be this country. Go abroad and in most other countries its working class locals driving the buses, not foreigners. I bet if I applied for a bus driving job in Spain, France, Greece, etc, they'd laugh and throw the application in the bin. Employing an Englishman to drive a bus would be regarded as highly unnecessary in most countries and merely taking a job away from a local driver.
  3. The chances of Brits being able to hire a foreigner who has the required skills and speaks English are vastly greater than the chances of foreigners being able to hire Brit who has the required skills and can speak the local lingo*. We've only got ourselves to blame for that state of affairs.

    *Apart, obviously, from the US, Canadian, Australian, NZ, etc. foreigners.
  4. Good. It might mean they will ****ing turn up on time now.

    Driving anything as large as a bus, even in your exclusive bus lane in London, has got to be a **** of a job anyway. Whatever they are paying them, it probably isn't enough.
  5. That's disgraceful! Where's the outrage bus??? What, the driver doesn't speak English!?! Right: To the Outrage bus!
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  6. 2.64 million unemployed and we have to import bus drivers (which is a low skilled job) from Poland?

    A Dutch rail operator running a London bus Company? The sooner the Euro is flushed down the bog and starts the process of this madness coming to an end the better..

    Any politicians actively campaigning for closer Euro integration with this shit going on are blatant traitors and need to be treated as such.
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  7. I'll ask Igor if he's up for some overtime then...
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  8. Nothing new in the story..we have had that up here. My mate, who is indeed a bus driver, was sent to poland to recruit.

    His theory is that 50% of those offered a job had falsified bus licences, and the other 50% falsified passports!!!

    It was an expensive mistake and most were shipped back after there 3 month probation.

    The was First Bus.
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  9. Thats what happens when you live in country of workshy idle ***** who get paid more to stay at home than they do for going to work. There were some comments in one of the papers, online of course, saying 10 quid an hour, i wouldnt get out of bed for that! We have reaped what Labour sowed!
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  10. fair enough if they want to come over here why don't we send someone from a sink estate over there.

    Must be more to this than the mail will say.
  11. Lots of naughtiness here chaps, there may be ladies watching.
  12. I don't talk to the drivers anyway, to be fair. So long as they can follow the proper route..
  13. Translink buses in Belfast are full of Polish drivers too. Personally I don't think its because our own people are to lazy, as there's a massive waiting list to get a job with Translink in NI.
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