New rotor blades

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by PE4rocks, Sep 29, 2009.

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  1. Not being of the rotary(or any other) flying persuasion, my RSS feeds provided these interesting, and IMHO, linked(?) items.

    Popsci linky

    Popsci Linky

    I made the connection from the dialogue in the video which is part of the second link.
  2. Interesting idea.
    However no money for what is absolutely essential NOW so following Slashes by incoming government you'll be lucky to field the Hysterical Flight.
  3. Which is now in it's last season due to lack of... money :(
  4. Must apologies.
    Was just having a giggle in my own way.
    But I am serious when I say No Matter who gets in come next May 10th, the massive extravagant spending of today ( just dodged a Lightning bolt) will be replaced with a Budget that will make Defence Spending of the 30's look luxurious.