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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by evilgenius, Oct 27, 2005.

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  1. I am sure the last copy of the R+L i seen had 2003 on the cover has a new issue been dished out?

    Sorry if this has been discussed before.
  2. They are in the process of being dished out by individual Units by the looks of it, as opposed to ICA. We've just got a load through in boxes.
  3. I might cancel my ICA Subscription if the R&L is being dished out for free at unit level; why bother forking out a day's pay.
  4. Surely you don't pay out your cash for just a journal. If you're pro-active and get something organised that falls under the remit of ICA funding you can easily recoup your investment. They'll love you even more if you can convert some of the ones who have so far escaped their grasp!!!

    I for one am a big fan of ICA!!!
  5. Really, is that true? I thought it was just a very expensive publication.
  6. Either you have not done your SM+D, or you were not paying attention.

    ICA does a lot to help those who have gone down the road before us and fallen on hard times. This includes their families. It might not affect you now but think on a few decades.

    As for organising unit functions and reunions, especially in difficult and far-away places, you will be amazed the lengths they will go to,
    if you take the time to read the terms and conditions first, and devote some intellectual rigour to completing the application form

    The Corps Sec did not get to where he is now by going to the right school and speaking with a plum in his mouth. You need to be able to convince him your cause is worthy.

    Perhaps you need to take a bit of time out and do a bit more research.

    Ask not what ICA will do for you, rather...

    In case you can't be bothered to research that as well, here's the lnk..what you will do for your Corps Association....

    PS: some of the staff are in working most weekends, had anyone bothered to ask how much of that, they get paid for??
  7. Got my 2004 journal thru about a month ago. Never had any problems receiving it.

    As for me, ICA provide an excellent service, good networking for job hunters and helped me financially when I left the fold some time ago.
  8. I've just been asked for this years submission paragraph, does this mean we will get 2005s early next year?
  9. I don't think many people detected your subtle sarcasm!