New Roles in the Army Reserve

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by RfnGeordie, Jul 5, 2013.

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  1. Since this is the rumour service and not the moaning about why it'll never work service and the thread about the white paper now runs to 16 pages of slightly justified but none the less unbearable chimfing...

    Perhaps someone would like to share their thoughts, rumours they've heard or even official decisions (unlikely) regarding roles available for the individual in the army reserve.

    Does new interesting training, new equipment and regular integration mean there will once again be opportunities to specialise (support weapons etc) for a Rifleman in the reserve?

    What new job roles are available in the new MI battalions? What is this cyber stuff they've mentioned or is that 10 RSigs?

    What about 6AAC, are these roles only for ex-regs still or can you become a reservist JTAC for example?


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  2. 106 (Yeomanry) Regt RA (V) are re-roling from a mix Rapier - HVM LML Regt to a HVM SP/LML Regt

    So what does that mean, well the following


    1. New formed HVM SP Bty in Portsmouth
    2. Greater cohesion within the Regt
    3. Better Toys (Tracked Stormer for the SP Btys)
    4. All Btys closer located with Regular support nearby
    5. Switch from Rapier lead Base Defence (sit in a field all day looking for non existent aircraft pretending to protect a rear asset / airfield) to much more mobile point defence of infantry/armour (buzzing about the ex area completing shoot and scoot)
    6. In built simulators in SP so there will be actual (virtual) targets instead of pretend

    Rumours (so not confirmed in anyway)

    1. LML Bty may become Air Assault (due to potentially absorbing 289 Tp in Romford and having a BSM who is ex 7RHA)
    2. If the Army brings in the Lightweight Multimission Missile (LMM) then SP role will change from AD (Anti-Aircraft) to Anti-Aircraft/Anti-Tank/Anti-Structure
    4. New TI sight may bring in further role change to include Recce & FST
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  3. Not sure if 6AAC is doing that, they are more about setting up re-arming and POL sites for Apache IIRC

    If JTAC is your thing, then the RA is absorbing the RSigs FAC tp to become 255 TACP Bty in Bath
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  4. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

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  5. It's LIAG or LCISG. So if you already work in IT Networking or Security to a reasonable level (think SNCO / Officer), it's probably good for you.
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  6. In my unit it would appear to be quite intense training for the next five years as everyone gets to grip with the new role, as to my cap badge, it'll be carry on normal jogging.
  7. I have never seen buckfast in any of those establishments, poteen, yes and some other wierd stuff, but not buckfast. Lol

    Soon to be The North Irish (and Scottish) Horse.
  8. Don't worry the horse will show those Scottish light weights how to drink. As for new kit we have lost 4 cvrts to be replaced by 2 WMIKs with no roofs or any kind of weather protection which means driving in our lovely NI weather is going to be 'breezy'

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  9. The mighty 6AAC has it's TA footprint based around the 3 main Avn Hubs, Wattisham, Middle Wallop and Yeovil. We come under the control of Joint Helicopter Command. Principle customers are 3 and 4 Regt (AH) and 1 Regt (Wildcat) in their support of 16 AA Bde.

    3 Squadrons focused on Apache FARP (think F1 pit stop for attack helicopters)
    1 Squadron focused on Wildcat FARP

    Lots of opportunities for specialist Helicopter Handling Teams, as well as working with tri-service aviation (Chinook, Merlin, Puma, Lynx)

    Will deploy as individuals, teams, flights and eventually as Sub Unit. Soldiers in Afgn, Kenya, and other OTX.

    All welcome! Happily to take those looking for a new home or those who want something different.
  10. Can't wait to see the Battle Honours on their Guidon. Orange Forces have been around for years

  11. Can i ask you one thing?

    In the documents released, the Middle Wallop squadron is given as "679 Sqn", which is described as an existing unit, alongside 677.

    675, being at Yeovil, will be the new Wildcat support squadron, i'm guessing.

    But 679 is a weird number, to me. Wasn't the Middle Wallop squadron carrying the badge of 655 Sqn (Scottish Horse)?
  12. The 655 number plate is going back. With the FR2020 adjustmentnow taking Portsmouth into the Orbat, AAC decided that a new number was needed.
  13. So effectively it is 655 Sqn that changes identity as it expands in Portsmouth. Ok, thank you.