New road safety campaign.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by A_Knocker_Till_The_End, Mar 23, 2008.

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    Hit me at 40mph, there's around an 80% chance I'll die.

    Hit me at 30mph, there's around an 80% chance I'll live.

    If I hadn't have been messing about in the fecking road I wouldn't have been run over at all.
  2. There should be no speed limits whatsoever in and around council estates.

    An 80% chance of killing little chav Kylites sounds like great odds.
  3. Someone or someones else posted:

    Hit her at 20mph and she'll be dragged under the car, resulting in her death, as the top half of her skull is cracked open on the exhaust.
    Hit her at 10mph and she'll be mearly stunned, allowing you to easily put her into the boot.
  4. Sick barserds
  5. Why risk damaging your car. Use a taser like everyone else.
  6. Should be able to claim for any mess made to your paintwork as well !!
  7. How about educating kids to avoid challenging newtonian physics laws and stay out of the way of fast moving lumps of metal!

    Green cross code should say

    get hit by a car and you will fecking die!
  8. The Young Ones - Cash.

    Let's assume for one moment... that this table is a crowded shopping street on a Saturday afternoon. And this... meringue, filled with whipped cream, is a young mother weighed down with groceries. And this... juicy, over-ripe tomato is a tiny little girl, who doesn't know what a dangerous place her exciting new world is. And let's assume that this... clingfilm parcel, of mashed banana and jam, is a deaf senior citizen, who is in a wheelchair, and is blind. And this... cricket bat, with a freeze-block nailed to it, is your car. Now what happens when your car mounts the pavement?
    [annihilates the meringue, tomato and parcel of banana and jam with the cricket bat]

    Think once. Think twice. Think DON'T DRIVE YOUR CAR ON THE PAVEMENT.
  9. remember seeing a spoof advert once with a car driving down the road and a motorbike coming out of a side street ploughs into him. Cut to scene 2 where the car is speeding down the road, and has passed the junction before the motorbike appears. moral: speeding saves lives

    anyone else seen this/got a link to it?