New RMP GPD recruits

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by jamescameron13, Nov 7, 2008.

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  1. Just a quick question for all rmp l/cpls who have recently passed out of the DCPG at southwick park.
    Did you undertake any diversity/equality training during your time there? Were you also shown the bbc documentary the secret policeman exposing racism in the civilian police?
    Tryin to help a pal of ethnic background thinking of joining but is worried everyone is a racist bastard in the forces!!! Ps I'm not SIB just someone helpin a pal
  2. Yep, still a Jurno!
  3. No not a jurno, you a monkey?
  4. Are you, JamesCameron13?
  5. No I'm batman!!
  6. Any,way if any one can help thanks, if not no probs :D
  7. How very racist.
  8. I like your style. Make a way too obvious mistake to demonstrate you simply can't be a journo.

    Obviously simple journo - hang around for a while and see how we do things; it'll help some.
  9. Ooh ooh! First to call it!


    How boring this is becoming. :(
  10. Ok, can any black or ethnic minority rmp soldier out there help and 4 the last time not a jurno. 8O
  11. So now you are being racist.
  12. I'm black...and I'm proud!
  13. Im fatherless
  14. I can concur, he is fatherless. And he owes me a pint!