New RIFLES Mess Dress

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Bravo_Bravo, Mar 7, 2007.

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  1. Much excitement ( sad I know ) to hear my nice new tailored Mess Dress had arrived. I've gone for the bib, jacket and trousers.

    Opened the box and I mus admit I felt a bit underwhelmed. The jacket seems to be a less robust material than my previous one; the sleeves come to halfway down the back of my hand, trousers not lined and they also look a bit flimsy compared to the previous ones that could be used for track pads. Stripes etc are poorly made ( the nasty, curly variety ) and the Croix de Guerre strips are not fully mated with the sleeve.

    Anyone else feel likewise? I know most of the seniors at my location feel pretty much the same...
  2. and the bib is a different green than that of the jacket...
  3. Send it back BB, I wouldn't fork out for crap - besides apparently we've got 3 years grandfathers rights - so I aint gonna bovver yet. I'm not sure which issue but a mate wrote into SOLDIER about it - besides isn't your green jacket kit the same?
  4. in bournemouth.

    If you get anything less than 101% good service from Antoine (Spelling!!) who is a real pro stitch who loves his work as a hobby, way of life and profession, I will put my mess kit on (that he made), open a jerry of benz, and make like a Buddist Monk.

    After nailing my bollocks to my own george boots.
  5. I with coax-on, send it back, Mess Dress cost real money, if its not any good don’t pay. And get all your mates to send back theirs. The tailors will soon get the idea and start improving their service.
  6. And while we're on the subject - who made these God-awful staple belts that are too wide for the belt loops on 95 trs, I have a right fight on my hands to see under my belly to thread it through!
  7. hi guys..

    as a Sjt ( ex DandD) who's on posting. i now need to replace the whole of my mess dress, who is supplying the messes now with this really expensive replacement, ohh and any other thoughts on what to do with my other 2 ?


  8. I'm still using my D and D mess dress for the 3 years grandfather rights I have - then I'll think about it!
  9. You get what you pay for mate - LOL.

    Question - Say for example a guy got newly promoted to Sgt and bought a Mess Dress in say Devon and Dorset Regt (my old unit) just before they disbanded. Does the poor b@stard have to fork out for another set in the Rifles ??

    BT. :shakefist:

    P.S. have you paid for it yet BB - if not DON'T. :thumbdown:
  10. BT

    As I understand it, no grandfather rights - so, Rifles Mess Dress or black tie.

    Its even worse for me, I'm a stab and feel slightly turned over here. Mess meeting tomorrow night, will see if the subject arises / get it raised by CSM.
  11. Ah right, should be an interesting Mess Meeting. coax-on mentioned 3 years grandfarther rights. Does that mean that if you've 3 years or less to do, you don't have to buy a new Mess Dress.

    Black tie could be expensive if you have to hire one every function or even buy one. At least with black tie you can wear it at any other function eh.

    BT. :thumright:

    P.S. Good luck on the Mess Meeting.
  12. Well I got the lot from Costello for £380, Jacket, Waist Coat, Shirt, Bow tie and trousers. they even did it interest free for 6 months.

    I've not seen it yet as it's in the post bunk in Weeton, it's probably total shite and will have to go back for a reshow.

    I thought that I got of lightly for a complete new set, I don't have the luxury of grandads rights as I went to an RGJ Bn and was the only Bulldogs Bo**ocks in a Red tunic. Oh how I laughed at the constant Butlins and Squares jokes!!!

    As I've still got a while left I bit the bullet and just got on with it.

    Swift and Bold!!! :thumright:
  13. RSM and my CSM not able to make Mess Meeting, so a bit of a quick one.

    Tomo, sounds like you have a good deal there, my Mess Dress ( jacket, trousers, bib ) came to £470 ie no shirt or bow tie.

    BTW, I gather the bib is supposed to be a lighter green, so its not just cack matching.

    Bearing in mind the location of your stuff, I hope the sand is not getting to you... send my regards to Jock W and Neil P the slack janner in MT.

    Tell Jock we have a presentation picture of the Pope for him.
  14. Every Janner in the MT is slack - LOL.

    BT. :thumright:
  15. This is from the Costello Geezer, shit did I just say Geezer?

    Bravo, I'm not there at the moment as I managed to get a 107mm Katushka come through my bedspace at 2 in the morning!!! Nice one, Jock is standing in for me.

    In case you didn't know, Sgt Shane W was in the room with me, very very lucky bloke, but on the mend I'm glad to say.


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