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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by booty_cadet, Feb 23, 2006.

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  1. Is it true that the armed forces are getting a new rifle? I've heard from lots of sources that we're getting it upgraded to the G36. Apparently its fired 25,000 rounds without cleaning or a blockage and has been run over by a tank and dropped in water etc etc. Has anyone else heard about this or is there any official word out?[​IMG]
    Thats a pic of it, but I think if it is true its more likely we'll go for the K model which is a little smaller and therefore lighter, but thats just my opinion and im a stupid cadet so don't have a go at me if I'm wrong............please.
  2. new rifle in for 2015, got told that yesterday so we can look forward to at least another 9 years of the sa80. isnt that good news....
  3. It's starting to look like a Johnny Seven (OMA). Just a few more developments and it'll have the Browning slung underneath.
  4. why the fu(k didnt the mod just get the g36's now instead of spending millions on the lost cause that is the sa80!

  5. No, it'll be 2020.
  6. 307

    307 War Hero

    I bet we still end up buying the G36 in 2020 as well when there's probably some new plasma rifle or something daft out.
  7. yep.
    did you know it would have cost the MOD about 2/3 of the amount to issue the entire army with M16's than the fu(king A2's!
  8. Yes, the SA80 was a big mistake. Another case of the MOD not wanting to buy 'off the shelf' and buying British trash. TBH the SA80 A2 isn't that bad and most of you soldiers who do the whinging about it aren't even infantrymen and will never fire the rifle in a combat situation so why worry about it if it's just stuck in your cab on operations! A rifle doesn't make a professional force at the end of the day.
  9. Nah - health n safety will make it mandatory that all armies of the future will play "Rock, Paper & Scissiors" in a best of 3 tournament. (safety scissors) to decide who won.

  10. i quite like the A2 version
    never had any problem with it at all
    the a1 was shit but i think the improvement of the mags has gone a long way to sortin a lot of the original problems
  11. And a lot of the mag problems are down to the Toms anyway - putting 'em in the pouches up-side-down, then lobbing their kit out of a truck from about 4/5 feet and wondering why the 'lips' bend and they get feed problems.... sigh....... Still happens with the new ones, its all about education, education, education..... Good God, who do i sound like?........
  12. That said you do need to tape up the bottoms of them, know of at least two occasions where the bottom's popped off in not the most convinient places (Basrah on top cover).

    Never had the problem with the mag lips, found that those putting mags up were the ones that lost rounds on tour.
  13. Are you still being taught to scour the hell out of them with Scotchbrite? That was identified by H&K as one of the major reasons for the unreliability of the A1, and Armalite (it is, after all, a bullpupped AR18) says that abrasive should never ever be used under any circumstances.
  14. A weapon should still be able to function properley whether scotchbrite is used or not! At the end of the day scotchbrite is the quickest and easiest way to remove light carbon deposit. Soldiers will use it no matter what the gun manufacturer says. Other weapons such as the GPMG, 50 cal HMG and minimi don't suffer reliability problems through scothbrite use! Personnaly i think it is the manufacturer trying to pass the buck for a poorly designed weapon system.