New Rifle on its way to the Danes - C8IUR

The Danes have just received the first of 5000 new rifles to replace their C7s and C8s. Looks like quite a tidy little weapon, and according to the blurb it has a 'free floating' barrel too. I wonder if it's a gas piston design, or just the usual direct impingement system?

Anyway here is the official news on the subject. Please note this has been bum raped by Google translate:

For Danish speakers here is the original version (which makes a lot more sense). og Presse/Pages/ForsvaretkøbernyegeværeraftypenM10.aspx
That's interesting. The Dutch are also upgrading, with a monolithic upper receiver fabricated by a local company. The Dutch are keeping the gas tube rather than going to a piston.
From what i've quickly read, it seems to be the same 'working parts' but Floating barrel, M1913 hand rails all around [plus grip] and a Colapsable-stock that has more positions making it more user friendly while wearing body armour, and easier for shooting left handed. But could they not find something less bulky than the Elcan site?


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Looks rather nice, but I agree about the Elcan. There has to be something that's a little smaller, but still offers the same magnification. What is it? 3x, 4x?


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Ah, Colt Canada...

Met up with a couple of their sales guys a few years ago at DSEI. Top chaps. I still have their old catalogue around somewhere...
Just been working with some Danes, apparently when a Nig comes out of training they are going to issue them individually with a rifle. That rifle will be theirs for their whole career. Instead of a weapon serial number it will have their Army number engraved on it.
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