New Rifle for UK forces?..........

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Jip Travolta, Jul 28, 2002.

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  1. Rumour has it that the SA80 is to be scrapped in favour of the HK G36....

    Click here for details

    a.   Is it true?

    b.   Given the choice, what would you use and why?
  2. Any HK - bits don't fall off, they don't jam, they shoot straight...and the baddies/fellow nations don't laugh at you when you are holding one !!
  3. The latest on from the MOD on the SA80 disgrace is that we are keeping it until AT LEAST 2020!! :mad:
    Although they know the fundamental design of the wpn sucks they have spent too much trying to fix it (87 fixes in 18 months even before HK made the A2, which cost about 80m). It's obvious we need a new long and the G36 is fantastic. HK still make wpn's under licence in UK so why not! Cos the MOD won't admit they fekked up. The yanks have enough wpn's on the shelf to rearm their whole military so we could even beg off them. But as a HK user I think everyone should have one. Please. ;D
  4. Interested to know what the 87 fixes are, last time I looked, there were 23 modifications, not including the A2 upgrade.
    The SLR had 54 modifications I believe, and the M-16 has an A2 upgrade already, along with the various mods throughout it's life.
    I really do think the fuss over 3 failures has been blown out of proportion by the media.  Don't forget the British Army shooting team won 'Waltzing Maltida' with the L85A2, they also put up a darn good show in previous years with the A1.
    I know ops are different to ranges, however if the weapon was that bad, they wouldn't win jack sh1t.
    Oh, and if the G36 is that good, how come the SF community won't use it? (They trialled it, but the handguard melted during the test firing phase)
  5. For the UK to use a German based weapons factory called Heckler and Koch would be a great succes, not some cheap american factory in america called COLT (only kidding there good) the fact that the G36 has lots of decent features includes....

    Folding Stock- can be used by paras.
    Opticle 3.5x recticle scope with implements to die for.
    opticle 1.5x red dot scope (both scopes quality)
    Translusent magazines- for the user to see how many rounds are left.
    Special AR-18 rotating bolt - keeps the gun ultra clean for yonks (SA-80 clean 3 times a day- G36 once every 5000 rounds, although H&K claim they have a G36K with 25,000 rounds put through and not failures and no cleaning)
    Clips on side of mags - faster reloading with dual clips (can take up to how many you want)
    no tools to maintain it- the SA80 had to go through loads of stages to get the right cleaning kit and even now we cant clean it propelly (thats what the govenment want)
    LONG barrel (488mm) the range of the gun can go up to 800mm
    MG36- equvelant of the L86 but can hold a 100-rd-C-mag for the LSW role.
    All versions can hold the AG36 grenade launcher (no more modeifieng the SA-80's foregrip.)
    All working parts are safe because of the emmiting gas produced when a round is fired is vented into the fore arm not into the actual working parts of the rifle like the M16...
    carry handle (for obvious reasons)
    very resistant to dust, boiling water, cold water, and mud, made for the user who needs quality and that is what H&K bring....

    All relevant information is very valuble for the army and the troops, please choose the G36!!!!
  6. OK. My hands are up. I'm being REALLY pedantic with the fixes made and including everthing up to the colour!! I know all wpns undergo various mods throughout their lifespan inc M16's and inclusion of fwd assissts etc. (and I wont even mention the Stoner!!).
    I personally have never had a problem with the SA80 but when in desert conditions I had to work like feck constantly to keep it in good condition. yet with the HK it was a fifth of the work for better results. All I am saying is that there are better weapons out there and we can afford them, even saving money in the long run due to the longer expected shelf life and lack of many further mods instead of just a few. The G36 I mentioned was just one alternative and they've even worked out some of the kinks in that (among them a revised handguard with a better thermal sheild similar to that of G3/53/33's) Even the 33 is a fairly decent option. I know we are going to be stuck with the 80 and all the extra work it brings for a long time yet but you've got to admit that at some levels the Govt attitude sucks and it's good to get it off your chest. i mean we've all got wish lists. I want Armani uniforms as well.
  7. the Foregrip does not melt, all it does it warm up quickly, heckler and Koch are currently developing  a heat shield for the fore grip,

    SF groups wont use it because its not YET a proven rifle as the M16/C7.
  8. Done - and it works as well as there other stuff
  9. er, I mean "their". T**T