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A good one. In a quick skim of the the photo section I was pleasantly surprised to see a couple of people I knew; one who left the British Army in the early 70s and one who was an old Rhodie who stayed on after the war. The second of these I came across in 2005/6, formerly a major with C Sqn who had finally been forced to go back to work in Harare at the age of 78, after selling off all of his possessions. In the photo he's a young trooper, full of beans and hope. He's still full of beans, mind.
Cheers, bobbejaan. Nice site.
Good to see loads of stuff that one had to hunt for all over the web now mostly in one place.
Haven't looked at all the pix yet - some crackers on there - and am ashamed to admit that it was the pix of jacarandas and flamboyants that really got to me (while freezing my butt off in blizzards).
Along with the gomos, valleys & gorges... I could go on.
And never forgetting Africa's original 'boy soldiers' - kee-rist, seeing pix of the time makes you remember just how young some of them were.

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