New RGJ TA Bn with HQ in Reading

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by WessexMortarman, Mar 16, 2005.

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  1. Has anyone heard the rumour the the new RGJ TA Bn will be based on A, E, F, and G Coys, with an HQ at the RRV HQ in Reading. Now that all of the RGBW are joining the Light family, this would semm to make sense, although a few old men will be fighting for Davis Street.

    I have also heard that the preferred option is 2 rifle Coys of 3 Pls each, with support Pls remaining where they are where possible.

    Let me know what you have heard.
  2. 7th Battalion, The Rifles HQ Coy?
  3. Latest Rumor Control indicates that a Bn HQ will be remaining at Brock Barracks. Which Bn this will be, and what the composition of the unit/s remaining will be remains to be seen...
  4. Just to throw confusion into the mix, I heard it was going to be named "4th" battalion, and HQ'd at Slade Park, Oxford!

    Still, I just found out my coy is becoming part of a nationwide "superbattalion". Well, that will make batt weekends fun! pick a place on the map and we will meet there at 0100hrs sat!
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Personally I think that it has all gone down hill since they disbanded the Wessex Regiment (V)

  6. well iv'e heard the Bn HQ will be at Fulham once the RFCA move out, where would that leave the MT ect..?
  7. in total agreement with msr's comments - can still remember the look of disdain/confusion on people's faces changing cap badge from Wyvern to a Berkshire horse. Wouldn't have been too bad if it hadn't been for the "car wash" label...
  8. Is this battalion going to be senior or junior to the Rifles/Light Div Regt/whatever bn-to-be of the Rifle Volunteers? Or in another form, is RRV more senior than Rifle Vols?
  9. At the moment the RRV is senior to the RV due to it's PWRR Coy.

    When the PWRR Coy depart for Tigerland 8O the RV will be senior.

    So the Rifle Volunteers = 6th Bn, "The Rifles" and the RRV (minus C coy but plus the London Reg RGJ) = 7th Bn

    Both will have 5 rifle companies, which may be too many. It would not surprise me if both lose a company to the other arms in the process.

    There is of course the question of the orphaned LI coys in the rest of the country. Will these convert to a new inf capbadge or the other arms. I can't see them keeping them on when 6 and 7th Bns are so territorially discrete.
  10. Ah! the £6M question

    1. Those TA bns that are "national" eg LI RRF

    2. Those Areas that don't have a homogenous (sp?) Inf reg eg the NE

  11. Well, the LI is nicely regional now as the SW regiment (which could easily include Herefordshire, which was a county of Wessex), excepting the NE coys (Yorkshire and Durham LI).

    The options for those two would be rebadging to, say, RRF, or changing to other arms, bearing in mind that for no overall change in strength we need to find about 6 or so REMF Regiments.

    It would not surprise me if the KOYLI and DLI coys find themselves RE or R Sigs squadrons

    The RRF has little option but to have a national regiment, with its centres of gravity in Birmingham and Newcastle. The London element of the RRF will assumidly be a rebadged to "The Foot Guards".
  12. Actually the NE is quite interesting.

    Both LI and RRF would I think have an equal claim to be "the" local TA bn from TYNE TEES; I reckon RRF would get it as LI is getting a lot of goodies as is.
  13. I hear a naafi roumor going round that once Slades lease is up, Oxford city council was going to knock it down and turn it into new 'affordable' housing.
  14. Rumour has prettymuch confirmed HQ TTR to become HQ 3 RRF.

    Does this mean A and E coys of the RRV are up to reamalgamate into an Ox and Bucks LI coy then? I suppose if you have to lose a company to drop down to a 3 Rifle and 1 Support Coy structure (i.e. be a "proper" battalion) then this is the way to do it.

    So E Coy take on the High Wycome Platoon and the rest of A coy go to other arms?

    (All guesses)