New revelation in Donaldson murder!

The Republican Newspaper An Phoblact have just ran a story on the Denis Donaldson Murder:

According to them a former RUC policeman helped identify the remote hideaway of Denis Donaldson last month.

Retired RUC man Colin Breen travelled to the Glenties area of County Donegal with a Sunday tabloid journalist to track down Donaldson before his murder last week.

Breen, who is understood to have close ties with the RUC/PSNI Special Branch, secretly videotaped Donaldson outside his remote hideaway five miles from Glenties. Donaldson pleaded with the men to be left alone.

The newspaper printed the pictures and location of Donaldson, which until then was unknown to the public. The secretly-filmed video was also sold to a number of British television stations.

Donaldson and his cottage were readily identified by locals from the report. The former double-agent was shot dead at the cottage on Tuesday, with growing speculation that his murder was ordered by his former bosses in Special Branch.

The revelation that a former RUC man was involved in the Sunday World report has caused concern within the nationalist community in the North. The newspaper story did not reveal Breen’s role.

Meanwhile, the Donaldson family has stated that they accept the Provisional IRA’s assurance that it did not kill the double agent. The west Belfast family issued a statement saying it believed the IRA.

“We acknowledge the speedy statement from the IRA disassociating themselves from this murder. We believe that statement to be true,” said the family.

The Donaldsons said they did not know who murdered Mr Donaldson but indicated that the British intelligence services who “ran him” as a spy and newspapers who disclosed his location must bear some of the responsibility.

“On Tuesday, April 4th, Denis was murdered. We do not know by whom. But the difficult situation which our family has been put in is the direct result of the activities of the special branch and British intelligence agencies,” the statement said.

“In December, Denis left his home in Belfast and moved to Donegal where it was his desire that he be left alone to rebuild his life. Unfortunately, he continued to be pursued by sections of the media, some of whom gave details about his whereabouts,” it said.

A small private family funeral took place to Belfast city cemetery on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has revealed that Donaldson had never told the party the extent of his involvement with British intelligence.

“Denis Donaldson was very unforthcoming about his activities. The party broke off all contact with him shortly after all this.

“He was told that if he wanted to make a full disclosure he should get in touch with us. He never did.

“Denis Donaldson had turned into a pathetic figure. I have huge sympathy for his family as I do for the families of other informers and agents, particularly those who were killed by the IRA.”

Writing in Village magazine, Mr Adams said he did not think the killing was motivated by revenge.

“Did I expect Denis Donaldson to be killed? There was always a danger that he could be attacked if he was in some public place,” he said.

“But no, I didn’t expect that any republican would go out premeditatedly to kill him.

“Not when the IRA had clearly set its face against this.

“So I don’t think the killing of Denis Donaldson was a revenge killing. I think his killing was to make sure that his secrets died with him. The timing may or may not be significant.”

Can it be belived or is this just more Republican Spin???.
i don't think PIRA as an official body decided to kill him, i imagine that individuals who have some PIRA involement wanted to kill him. his location was well known in republican circles long before the newspaper report.

the rest is just PSF's rather tired spin, it doesn't hold much water even in republican circles - they discount the idea that british authorities were involved. they know that Donaldson would never be told anything juicy by his handlers and the smell of the story is that touts end up dead - thats not in the interests of the intelligence services.

the involement of an ex-rozzer is franky irrelevent, though its a bit stupid both in political terms - see the headline - and in PERSEC terms - that area of Donegal is litterally crawling with provo's and your man wouldn't have been armed.
its not in the interests of PSF for him to disclose his activities.

Donaldson - while he was a PIRA volunteer in the sixties and seventies - was a PSF body, his role was to provide int on PSF/PIRA AC long-term thinking and to help mould that thinking into the 'strategy' that we see today.

PSF are franticly trying to convince PIRA and its electorate that GFA will bring unity - at some stage - the last thing they need to help bolster their position is to admit to having DD's grubby fingerprints over the 'bollot-box' strategy.
Did anyone else see in yesterdays times that the building he was hiding in was a former IRA safe house?

Now as places to hide go, surely hiding in a safe house used by your enemy you are hiding from isnt the best move?
Pillager said:
Did anyone else see in yesterdays times that the building he was hiding in was a former IRA safe house?

Now as places to hide go, surely hiding in a safe house used by your enemy you are hiding from isnt the best move?
Anywhere in that area was a stupid place to go. He might as well have stood in the middle of the Falls Road and shouted, "come and get me"

It is more likely that it was dissidents from Real IRA/Continuity IRA etc & not PIRA who carried out the hit. Mind you, it could just as easily have been a neighbour who didn't like the idea of a tout living next door. After all, shotguns were never the chosen weapons of the PIRA nutting squad.
Meanwhile, Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has revealed that Donaldson had never told the party the extent of his involvement with British intelligence.
Sunday Life

DONALDSON was himself betrayed - in spite of making a full confession to IRA chiefs about his own 20-year career of treachery.

In return for spilling the beans, the former Sinn Fein head of administration was given a firm guarantee on his future safety.

Donaldson took the IRA at its word - and paid for it with his life.

As Garda detectives stepped up the hunt for Donaldson's killers yesterday, Sunday Life can reveal he was 'interviewed' by senior IRA men just days after he admitted his betrayal in December.

Confirmation of the debriefing - by a top republican source - is in sharp contrast to Gerry Adams' insistence that Donaldson (55) had been "unforthcoming" about his role as an MI5 agent.

Said the senior republican: "Apparently, he not only agreed to a meeting - he was desperate to unburden himself.

"At that meeting, which probably lasted two to three days, he would have been persuaded to reveal every detail of his activities from the exact moment he went over to the other side.

"He would have been told to leave no stone unturned and provide times, dates and the names of all those involved in the operations he compromised."

Donaldson would have had quite a story to tell.

He had built up contacts over three decades in the Middle East, Spain and Colombia and fed his handlers with vital intelligence that helped trap IRA leaders.

Yet he managed to cover his tracks as he leaked evidence on everything from arms shipments to the names of Sinn Fein's backers in New York and support groups in Europe and South America. The convicted bomber also thwarted planned IRA operations on both sides of the border without raising suspicion.

Added our source: "The damage he did to the movement was incalculable. He knew full well that, had he been exposed before the ceasefire, he would have ended up (dead) on a border road.

"Donaldson sought, and was given, an assurance that he wouldn't be harmed. He was told it would be okay to remain here, as long as he kept his head down - you can take that as fact.

"He could easily have skipped to Britain or, like Freddie Scappattici, done a runner to the continent. Maybe when he spoke to a newspaper after being tracked down in the Glenties he sealed his own fate.

"Those who couldn't stomach a tout in their midst may have felt he didn't keep his head down long enough and decided it was an opportune moment to take him out.

"They would also have known there was no likelihood of any comeback."

Detectives are still trying to discover if Donaldson was the victim of disgruntled Provos, dissident republicans or a grudge held by someone he helped put behind bars.

One former RUC detective, who investigated dozens of murders during the Troubles, told us: keep in this quote"The Provisional leadership would not have jeopardised the ceasefire and peace process just to kill him. But the boys in south Armagh - that's a different matter entirely."
From yesterdays Sunday Life--

Did agent set up a top Provo for RUC ambush?

09 April 2006

REPUBLICANS last night denied that Denis Donaldson has left a legacy beyond the grave of damage and penetration in south Down.

But it has emerged for the first time that the IRA spy may have played a part in triggering the RUC operation that led to the death of IRA commander Colum Marks.

Marks was shot dead in 1991 by undercover cops who staked out parkland in Downpatrick where Marks - the IRA's officer commanding in the town - was planning a mortar attack on a passing police patrol. Tomorrow marks the 15th anniversary of the incident.

Marks (29) had been brought in from Newry to re-organise the Provos in Downpatrick.

On the night he was killed, he was accompanied by one of the IRA's most experienced operators in south Down as they primed a horizontal mortar to use against a passing police patrol in St Patrick's Avenue.

Instead, undercover RUC officers had already staked out the adjoining parkland and they shot Marks. He died later in hospital.

The IRA suspected at the time that the operation which led to his death had been betrayed by an informer in their own ranks.

In the immediate aftermath, an internal IRA inquiry was set up to track down the mole.

But now it has emerged that, since Donaldson was outed as an MI5 agent before Christmas, the IRA had been looking at his links to the RUC operation that led to Marks' death.

Said one former senior IRA member: "Donaldson did have contact with Collie Marks at the time.

"The big question for us is, 'Did he know anything about the RUC trap and shoot to kill operation?'"

Donaldson's closest links as an electoral strategist within Sinn Fein were with the south Down area, leading to the claims that his lasting legacy to the party in the area is one of British security service penetration.

There have been repeated claims since December that he was able to plant his own double-agents within the party structure and move out more hard-line elements within the party in south Down who were opposed to the peace strategy of Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness.

Said one republican source: "From what I have seen, I do not think there is anything to worry about.

"He (Donaldson) did mix with people, but a lot of these claims about plants are sour grapes.

"Sinn Fein had a long-term strategy for the area which had nothing to do with Denis Donaldson."
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