New Retro Mil Chronos from Tauchmeister

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by MilitaryWatches, Oct 1, 2005.

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  1. We have just received some of the new T007 series retro chrono's from Tauchmeister, Frankfurt. These range between £129.99 - £139.99

    Water resistant to 500m, these offer exceptional value for the specification. They arn't 'practical' mil watches but are a talking point and something different as a dress watch. They have been independantly tested by a Rolex dealer in the UK and did pass the 50ATM (500m) pressure test. Click This Link

  2. Sorry but they have got to be the UGLIEST watches I have ever seen.
  3. Just a matter of personal taste :D I think they offer something more than a modern digital watch.

    While we stock ones like the Citizen all singing machine that goes boing! (below) I like the simplicity of the retro watches.

  4. The Tauchmeisters are reminiscent of some of the old Russian naval divers watches, which are quite popular with collectors. I've seen some other new 'retro' models.

    I'll stick with my Panerai for the moment, though.
  5. Most people buying them are collectors due to the limited availability of many of these watches, some are in runs of 20 only.

    I think I would stick with the Panerai too :D
  6. what does the big knobbly thing on the side do? I think they look ok apart from that bit.
  7. It is the crown protection system. It is a steel cap that fits over the crown and screws into place. This is based on the method used to ensure waterproofing on original models from the 20's and 30's. It is still functional on these models allowing water resistance to 500m. Considering most divers watches are only WR to 200m this is good.

    The movements are also modified to allow them to function below 100m. A watch may say WR to 200m but if the movement hasn't been modified to allow for the extra pressure then it will jam at about 100m. I'm not sure on the actual technical reasons but got this information from the manufacturer.
  8. cool.
  9. Retro divers with huge crowns are certainly popular.

    Here's a Russian diver, 58mm diameter not including the dustbin covering the crown. The grille can be removed:

    And Russian retro diver:

    The best retro diver of all:
  10. Very nice :D The Russian watches appear on QVC or Ideal World now and then. They sell them for stupid £££ and most times they seem to sell out. Its probably because you can't get anything similar on the high street. I like the divers with the grill - very nice
  11. The Russian watches above are by Poljot, with decent movements (the Soviets were always good at copying!), from a reliable German supplier I've bought from in the past.

    The ones on the shopping channels are usually Poljot International, made in Germany with German cases and Russian movements. Actually a separate company whose rather nasty products seem to me to be massively overpriced. There are also Vostok-Europe (made in Lithuania), which would be worth looking at if they weren't overpriced. Again, nothing to do with the original Vostoks, which are cheap and cheerful but have a certain charm.
  12. We looked at buying them in but unless you have a personal contact or you can actually visit one of the factories, its very difficult. As you have identified, there are some nasty cheap and overpriced versions.

    The Aeromatic and Tauchmeister we have had so far have impressed us both in terms of value and quality.