New retro medal – can we afford it?

Well of course we can, even thought they are ‘silver’, they’re only issuing 27 (per BBC news) ;)

Nicely timed in the election campaign period – cynical, moi :roll: - per Führer Brun:
”It is right that we reflect and learn from the past as we go forward in the future. That is why I was pleased to create a new award to recognise those amazing British individuals who through extraordinary and selfless acts of bravery protected and rescued Jews and others in the Holocaust.”

Oy vay this has nothing to do with wooing the Jewish vote, and it don’t cost much, my boy.

Accepting the 6M figure for Jews, seems logical to also accept the 8M figure for non Jews? But, as usual, the 8M majority get quantified as ‘others’, though sometimes there is a fleeting reference to Gypsies and Gays. Gypsies and Gays by no means accounted for the 8M (though they were included), but serve as an example when the 8M are dared to be mentioned and someone says ‘like who?’.

However, getting back to the medal issue, if there is some interest in ‘doing the right thing’ :roll: , how about say a clasp for each country of WWII Mediterranean service, to go on the ribbon of the Italy Star? The Star was awarded for a whole one days’ service, with nothing more if you did 600 days or served in Corsica, Albania, Yugoslavia, Crete or Greece, none of which were Italian (like Sicily and Sardinia) – though you can argue the realities of Albania I suppose?

But, the Italy Star ranks among the ‘Thomas Cook’ gongs, so what about the 39-45 Star? Generally 180 days overseas operational, unless cut shorts by wounds or if you were killed. So, if you were killed you got the 39-45 Star. Anything to differentiate between someone who did their 180 and someone who lost their life? If not a whole medal perhaps a small rosette to go on the ribbon? No, except that the NoK got a piece of paper

But, there was the expense of printing and posting several hundred thousand of these so addressing matters now would cost more than 27.


Taking the language of that report (and the radio coverage this morning) at face value, am I right in thinking that it is the Prime Minister who has created this award?

I thought that creating awards was HM The Queen's territory. Anyone know the 'Bobby Moore'? I'm genuinely interested.
Good to see Charles Coward (The password...) got a mench. Also good to see that it is generally acknowledged that the 'Holocaust' affected Gypsies, Homosexuals, and the 'Mentally Deficient' as well as the 4s.

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