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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by wg100, Jul 12, 2005.

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  1. Anyone else seen this image of the new (prototype) General Service Respirator?
    Alternate Site For Images

    Just how are you supposed to fire a rifle whilst wearing your respirator? Yes, it is supposed to have two filters!
  2. Through an intricate system of periscopes?

    Or perhaps we'll all have HUD on our helmets linked to a camera on the rifle by the time it goes on general issue, or possibly if it takes as long to arrive as most new bits of kit we'll have perfected minuature precision munitions that fly themselves onto the target.......
  3. I'm no expert, only going on what my friendly NBC instructor was telling me about after a recent CCRF briefing. I believe that the idea is all about sealable valves. You only need one canister on it at a time, but you can add another, close the valve of old one and remove thus reducing the enjoyment of NBC instuctors when conducting ITD(A) 4 canister changing drills in particular.

    Of course you would then have a canister in an awkward place. I guess there's a possibillity for just taking a deep breath, sealing both valves, change canister and re-open.. Your guess is as good as mine though, it'll be years before TA get them anyway-probably after A2's and Bowman.
  4. .... I heard that the shelf life of canisters for the current respirator will be extended by about 50 years, so there won't be a need for a new model....

    Possibly, by the time a new respirator is issued, there either won't be any infantry left or, following the trend to criminalise military activities in line with civilian law, there will be no requirement for ability to fire a nasty rifle thingy.....
  5. Okay... here's my geeky side coming through (guess my dissertation research did come in handy after all):

    The GSR started to be developed in 2003 and, all going to plan, should begin to replace our dear old S10 in 2007. (For us TA.. no doubt that actually means 2017!!)

    The design brief from the MOD was "to augment the latest technologies and materials to create the best possible solution. Concurrently a world class solution which raises the bar and sets a new benchmark in respirator design". The 3 major considerations for designing the GSR were protection, integration and burden. Obviously details of design are closely guarded secret, so that's about as much as I know.

    However, looking at some of the pics... the prototypes have two different sized canisters and different style canister housing. One looks like a snap-on type which clips on in the middle , and the other looks like it snaps on around the edges at three point. Both look like the canisters are quick release... which has to be better than watching people struggle to (and then panic) screw on their canister.

    'Design Reality' is one of the companies that are working on the GSR

    Scott Health & Safety is the other... but couldn't find any info from their website

    Best article I read was in a design mag, but there's no electronic version.
  6. Ah quick release I remember my snaptogether/quick release toys as a child being a bit to quick release usually at the wrong time ending up in two or more pieces, and it would take away the fun in the RTF watching people change the cannister, which after all is only a case of turning a screw thread. Righty tighty lefty loosey remember
  7. I paricularly like the 'Darth Vader' style speech module.
  8. Fun it is... but then you have to deal with snivelling, snotty twots outside - ffs, it's a bit of extra strong pepper spray (but you'd think they had been given an extra dose of sarin to see them carry on!). Besides, I take exception to having unwanted bodily fluids on my noddy suit... unless of course, it's mr freebie's.... :twisted:
  9. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Is the rest of NATO going to change to snap on cannisters? I was under the impression that all NATO respirators could use any other NATO cannister due to having the same screw thread.
  10. hmm im not impressed really.
  11. wheather your impressed or not they are starting to issue this in may 2006 they say it could take 5 years for every one to get them.
  12. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    You remember ripping off your shirt tail and pi$$ing on it at Loos.
  13. I gather that the new NBS suit will be a one-piece grey affair that uses add-ons for local camouflage.

  14. In service date 2006 - 2007 i won't see them then and certainly no requirement for me to have one issued where i am!!!
  15. As a bloke who wears glasses, what are they meant to do with this model as its one lens?

    To create a whole corrective visor compared to those used in the S10 is way more expensive!!

    so it does make me wonder!!