New Research - Results Soon

I first posted on ARRSE 04 Oct 05 and gained a tremendous amount of support and participants for my Doctoral Research. My work is now complete and all 82,000 words submitted. I await my oral examination (viva voce for Latin Scholars) - this does not involve an examination of my mouth but a grilling by three academics about my findings. I investigated what contributes to some long served ex soldiers being successful while others fail (the latter has been seriously and extensively researched in depth, the former has not). I will be publishing my findings as soon as I successfully complete my viva voce which I hope will be in the next two months. In the meantime thanks to all who contacted me via this site. Support from both serving and ex soldiers really is greatly appreciated by research scientists especially those who have never served (unlike my good self). So please great people of the khaki cloth and shiny buttons continue to support any bona fide requests from academic researchers. I understand concerns with persec but you can always check bona fide with a post grad's supervisor at their university.
Even more In the meantime - I hope this gets me off the slackers list.
Ho BlotBangRub (explain that if you can). Thanks for your kind words. I've viewed your site and truly all the very best to you and your family in the future. There's a whole range of concerns in what you say about injured comrades and the more these unresolved issues are aired the better. Chin up, all handsome men have a slight tan (as our gds CSM used to say repeatedly even in the winter).

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