New relationship, advice sought

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by long_tall_frenchie, Aug 16, 2011.

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I have a query about my new relationship, but I don't want to ask friends and family for reasons that will be apparent, so a bit of anonymous advice would be appreciated.

    Right, I just got a new girlfriend and I'm very fond of her indeed. She really is lovely and she seems pretty keen on me too. It would appear that she has been out with some right slime-balls previously (she is alarmingly pretty, and pretty girls always seem to attract tossers) and has been cheated on several times. I think she has some self-esteem issues, perhaps partly as result of this, but nothing dramatic, and I am resolved to be a grown up and generally nice to her (by way of a change).

    Anyway, she told me that she once cheated on a previous boyfriend. I have never cheated on anyone, and while I don't want to be self-righteous and judgmental, I am really not interested in playing that kind of game. She 'fessed up to this pretty early (we've only been going out officially for a few days), wanting to turn over a new leaf I suppose.

    So my question is, should I take a chance, bearing in mind that I really like her, and want a serious relationship? Alternatively, should I get out before I get too emotionally attached? I'm really not interested in a girlfriend who cheats on me, but at the same time I'm not going to get all paranoid. I'd really appreciate some dispassionate advice. Can you ever be trusted after cheating once?
  2. Yeah. Go for it. If it works, great. If it don't, then it don't.
  3. Just do her up the tradesmans anyway, solves all sorts of problems that does.

  4. Fúck her but never trust her.
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  5. Why don't you bang some hoors until you've decided?
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  6. In my experience women unlike real human beings are lying, cheating scheming individuals who are only good for one thing & they can't do that properly on their own.

    But for a more critical opinion we would need to see the undraped photo's.
  7. My two pence worth?

    Why did she cheat? Drunken mistake, looking for an 'out'?

    If someone has never cheated, it does mean they won't. Relax, life is one big risk! But ease off the 'serious relationship' stuff - you say it's been a matter of days? Take it as it comes, for want of a better phrase :thumright:
  8. Its simple. Her dad was a bastard and her boyfriends were bastards. She really likes bastards. Treat her like shit, shag around and **** her off after a couple of months. Its what she wants in a man.
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  9. Steps one to five of a straight forward plan to manage this thorny little problem.

    1) Start by being a perfect gentleman - generous, charming, loving, if just an eensy bit over-protective.

    2) Start suggesting she dress a little more conservatively - you are only looking out for her best interests, after all. Reduce temptation and therefore danger.

    3) Reinforce suggestions with the odd steely glare - begin hints that she should see less of her friends - keep a lovingly close eye on her.

    4) Weave in the odd slap and spank to reinforce how much this plan is for her benefit.

    5) Accidentally kill girlfriend while instilling some more robust reinforcement. Bury at the bottom of the garden. Positively no chance of any cheating by this point.

    You're very welcome.

  10. **** all that luvvy-dovvy romantic shoite!

    Buy one of these:

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    You can beat them, rape them, torture them and force them to cook you three meals a day and they ll still love you (and the British Passport)

    Hope this helps.
  11. I smell a wah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Crack on and enjoy yourself and worry about her cheating if and when it happens.

    You can always perform an honour killing with a can of petrol through her letter box if it bothers you that much :)
  13. Only a few days? This is Kyle Show material

    'She says she loves me, but cheated before; can I trust her?'

    'Frenchie's on the show guys!'

    Go out with her, make her bang, and if it goes well stick with it. If it was only once, maybe it was a mistake, and if you love her, (after a few days?) give it a chance If it was serial cheating mag to grid. But still bang her then get checked for STI.

    'After the break ladies and gentlemen, those all important lie detector tests.'
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  14. 'Some' Women are as much players as men if they know and are sneaky enough to get away with it,

    However I echo Jerrod248's reply, much simpier
  15. Wise words indeed. I'd second them.

    I'd also expect the worst as women who keep getting with blokes who treat them bad seem to want it in some peverse way as they think they themselves are worthless. Once you treat her nice she'll probably think she's not worth it and cheat on you with some twat so you dump her and confirm to her that she is the worthless piece of shit she thinks she is.

    In the meantime lay back and enjoy the early days sex as it'll soon dry up and you'll be back to tugging yourself !

    No, don't thank me, I was happy to oblige.