New Regiments, New Uniforms?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by napier, Jul 27, 2005.

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  1. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    As a soon to be Mercian, I have no idea what the dress regs will be for the new Regiment, although we all (Cheshires, Staffords and Woofers) currently have the same No. 2/Service Dress, Mess kit and peaked hat/beret (although the WFR do have that funny epaulette thing going on). Does anyone know what is being mooted/has been decided - are the Battalions keeping 'previous' accoutrements or is everything going to be the same across the Regiment.

    For that matter, what about the other new regiments (KLB, Welsh, DandD/RGBWLI, etc.? Will we all return to the khaki Infantry beret? What about shoulder titles vs TRFs? Anyone in the know/conspiracy theorists tell us what you know/read/heard in the NAAFI.

    (edit - less jocks of course, you've got your own tartan thread)
  2. I am aware that all King's Div (YORKS and LANCS) will wear the khaki beret currently worn by Dukes, GH, PWO and KORBR.

    I have seen a likely design for my new cap badge and a right shower of shit it looks too. Smacks of compromise between the Regts and not enough original, forward looking thinking.

    I was speaking to an officer from you future Regt last week and he seemed to think you would be reverting back to an old style of cap badge from a previous incarnation of a Mercian Regt??
  3. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    For a newby poster you know your history, do I scent a resurgent troll?
  4. Goodbye Candida.
  5. Brief article in soldier mag about D and D I think adopting the light infantry dark green beret.
  6. Napier, I yhink yuo'll find that the "tartan thread" is called a Kilt.
  7. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Or rather, tartan threads.
  8. Ref Yorkshire Regiments. why is it automatic that the TA establishment of these three fine Yorkshire regiments follows, yet again, the lead of the regular establishment in the quest for a new capbadge. Why have a re-hash and a compromise of all three when there is the opportunity to create a new one. There was one that fits the bill before of course - that of a great pan-Yorkshire regiment. I refer of course to the Yorkshire Volunteers...

    As the greatest contributor to manpower, numbers of Bns, casualties and medals in two world wars, isn't it a great opportunity to recognise the TA by drawing some precedence from the only pan-Yorkshire regiment there has ever been?

    Cue STAB-baiting.....wait, wait, GO!
  9. I wondered how long Candida would last! :lol:
    What did you choose this time PTP? Piano wire, the silenced Walther or did she have 'a pressing appointment' [always liked that line]?

    Judging by the reactions I have heard first-hand, the RGBW (LI) seem to like the change to Rifle Green (sets off the Brandywine Flash beootifully dahling). I am not of that badge but I am a huge fan of Regimental cultural diversity -- makes for interesting 'Name the Regimental Knitwear' competitions at staff college -- so I would be genuinely sorry to see the backbadge et al disappear. :cry:

    As far as the inevitable large/large regiment shibboleth breathing down the necks of the LI, RGJ, D&D and RGBW (LI), I hope that the colonels commandant don't stray too far from the old Rifle Brigade Badge. It already incorporates most of the devices (bugles, cross pattees etc) found across the regiments in question and -- given the embracing of the Light Division ethos of no colours -- offers a lot of space for battle honours.

    Just a thought.
  10. I thought the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry was the last pan-Yorkshire Regular Regiment? Only a thought... I know it is part of the LI now, but is representative. I assume the White Rose and the word YORKSHIRE will be in the new capbadge somwhere.
  11. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I'm with Stabtastic on this one, but, I was HQ Coy 1 Yorks when I was a kiddywinky.
  12. Sadly you are all missing where the changes are going.

    Thanks to the Prince of Darkness (who is out of his skull on whiskey by 10am - Yes I am talking about Jackson!) the MoD cnuts and New Labour are trying to destroy all regimental traditions and any connections with history. The sooner we have bland numbered units with no geographical ties, no ancestry, then Labour will be happy (because they hate the Army and love doing things that castrate it) and idiots like Jackson, in attempting to replicate the American model, will have destroyed the traditions and ties that hold the Army together. The result? A bland bunch of PC and equal opportunity trained men with no ties to the past. And the New Facists (oops, sorry, New Labour) find it much easier to control people who have no knowledge of the past.

    I know the old argument that amalgamations are painful, but the army survives them. The problem with the current situation is that the cronies of (B)Liar and Gay Gordon hate the Army as much as their (dear)leaders. The fascist left truly are out to castrate the army, as they know that we will never stand for President Bliar and such crap. Rant over, and glad I am in a different country.
  13. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Personally I think it's all a bit testicles. If I were to join an Inf regiment I'd be just as keen to get become part the history of the unit in question...Not anoraky or waltish but I thought thats the whole point of the regimental system... It annoys the hell out of me that family links can't really be followed up.

    Agree right on with Dread, although I can't comment on the CGS as i know jack. But I'd like to see some damn respect for the traditions, identity and the reason why the army is how it is. If its putting PO's off as an example where the army is heading, then god help us.
  14. on the subject of putting PO's off - a lot of people at or going to Sandhurst have Scottish Regiments down as 2nd or 3rd choice because they don't know the outcome or impact of the FIS. Speaking to some of them - they would ideally like to join a Scottish Regiment or the SCOTS but feel they can't. I am sure recruitment will be picked up eventually but short term i guess it will suffer. Don't know what LI / RGJ RGBW D&D PO recruitment is likely to be probably pretty good as they always seem well over subscribed.