New Regimental Kit

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by tattybadger, Jan 23, 2005.

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  1. I assume that those of us in the Infantry who in Regts that are changing regimental nomenclature will be told to buy new accoutrements for uniforms.

    Who will pay? The individual or the taxpayer? Or do we just duck and dive until the next round of changes and wear what we are used to until then?
  2. Easy!
    The Army should pay

    You will pay.

    Worse etill, the poor bloody attached arms will have to buy your shite and then get posted and be made buy someone elses shite too. (no offence of course!)
  3. The question is rhetorical, no?
  4. RCS - different thread but Regtl Kit related.

    I was curious about the badge on your tag. It looks like a jock inf capbadge but I know the square route of diddly about them and couldn't positively id one if it bit me.
  5. With any luck we will all soon be wearing some sort of spandex/lycra olive green coveralls which will not only be excellent in the field but wipe clean for the messy eaters and grease monkeys
  6. That's for when we have the brand spanking new 'The Royal Regiment' representing the whole infantry arm.
  7. Won't be a regt - it'll be the Corps of Inf - that way noone can really put a number of personnel to it. Anyway the title 'Royal ....' won't be PC by then!
  8. The Peoples Platoon of Infantry and Associated Trades sounds about right.
  10. It's the badge of the Seaforth Highlanders.

    part of it perpetuated in the badge of "the Highlanders"

    The only remaining "Seaforth" Regiment
  11. Did they amalgamate into the Royal Corps of Signals at any stage?
  12. You didn't read the links?
  13. Well, there was quite a lot there and at 03:45 I got a tad bored with it.
  14. Or even The Presidential Regiment of Infantry...
    The way the current government is thinking 8O