New recuit - looking for advice

Hi there, I'm fairly newish to the TA and I'm looking for advice. I have done 3 of the 6 basic training weekends and I'm finding it tough - the skill at arms especially. I have practically no support from my unit and despite many requests to have additional skill at arms training, there always seems to be one reason or other that it doesn't happen. Since passing selection in June, we have done exactly 3 lessons on drill nights - intro to map reading, bcd and one PT class which consisted of 20 minutes dull circuits.

I'll be honest, I'm wondering if the TA is for me. I find it hard to be enthusiastic and am finding that I am actually dreading weekends 4-6 and the 2 weeks CMSR. Has anyone else felt like this? Any advice would be appreciated.
You need to raise this with your instructors at your RTC and with your units RRTT staff. They will not know there is a problem if you do not say something.

If you do not feel able to talk to either or both about this, then use a trusted friend within the system to do it for you.

Your recruit training is supposed to be tough so there will be others that feel the same as you, speak to them, a problem shared is a problem halved.
The majority of infantry units actually train their recruits on a drill night rather than stick them in a corner or teach them bone lessons which have no relevance to recruit training. You are a potential asset to your unit and if they are not prepared to invest time in you then walk away and go to a unit that will
Thanks for that. There's a bloke I think I can probably chat to about it all but changing unit is also something I might look into. My main concern is that I put myself through the rest of basic training and don't pass because of the skill at arms. I have no confidence with a gun and as I said, my unit has barely any interest in helping me out with this - and believe me, I have been asking since weekend 1.
Change unit. At ours we do SAA every Tuesday night, unless people are getting stuck on something else, in which case we'll do that. If the TA wasnt for you, you'd have quit by now. I was suprised at the amount of SAA training you actually get on the weekends. Ive been doing weapon drills etc for a few months before I went on RT1 so I was ok, but I was suprised that others had to learn stripping etc in 1 hour lessons. What city/town are you in (people on here can give you suggestions on where to move to)?
Hey mate, who you with?
I know its alot to take in and you have to be expected to pass basic soldiering tests with only 6 days of practices in all the fields, being WHT,BCDT,CBRN,Map reading etc, read your handout you got mate,learn the parts, oil, run thro the drills in your head or a BB gun if you have one handy (wish i did this helped a mate alot)
WHT stuff should be coming naturally by RT3,since in RT3 unbenost to you you go through everything when you do the mock section attack you just dont realise, the thing you need to get right is the BCDT (harder following the book under pressure than it sounds) and the map reading.
I definitely see a difference in those who have loads of support from their unit and regular drills in the different areas to those recruits who don't.
I'm based in edinburgh - any recommendations on good units gratefully received.
Dont panic youve only done three weekends your not suppose to be an expert. The recruits on your weekends will all have different experience some will have been cadets some exTA rejoining and some ex regs so it might appear that your hopeless by comparison but your not. The staff at the RTC are their to pass you not fail you and will help you. Its good that your concerned it shows your serious about what your doing. Stick with it youll get their.
lips said:
I definitely see a difference in those who have loads of support from their unit and regular drills in the different areas to those recruits who don't.
I'm based in edinburgh - any recommendations on good units gratefully received.
Yeah, Move to England, LOL!!! :lol:
Seriously though, In your civilian employment if you have problems or issues what would you do? confront them find a solution and crack on? or bin the job and get down the job centre?

There are mechanisms in place to help soldiers under training, however, the only person that can switch the 'on button' is you. If you are not strong enough to do this maybe the military is not the right choice for you.

If you think it is hard during your recruit training what do you think it will be like on operations!?!

Kick up a stink and get extra instruction!
Dont worry about the skill at arms, it will come with time, as will all your mil skills, stick with it, in a years time you'll laugh at this post!
Lips, unless you are having probs with the physical side, you really shouldn't worry to much. Am I wrong in assuming you are female?

PM me as I may well be able to help.

P.S. Rifle not gun
I'm also based in Edinburgh - PM me what unit you're with and I may be able to help / point you to someone who can.
Bravo_Bravo said:
callum13 said:
you go through everything when you do the mock section attack

Not on the programmes I've seen.
err its on RT3 on the Sunday, I think its called a section attack, we were advancing to a target and as we moved up targets where called out and you took cover,got your Grit command and did all the firing pin stoppage drills. (we did all the leapord and monkey runs during this time too)

Sorry if im mistaken, but when we did it we went through nearly everything we had learnt in SAA lessons.
Thats not a mock section attack.

( unless of course you carried out the Six Section Battle Drills - prep for battle, reaction to effective enemy fire, Locating the en, winning the firefight and supressing the en; the attack ( three phases ) and the reorg? )

Nope, didn't think so.

( rolls eyes, wanders off muttering "bloody recruits"... )
Bravo_Bravo said:
Thats not a mock section attack.
That's not a bad description...
and you fire the 105 just by pulling a trigger?
I had the same problem when I did my training earlier in the year. I was a bit slow in picking things up due to the pace of the training whilst some ex cadets / ex regs or people who had experiance of the course before breezed thru for obvious reasons you just cannot beat experiance.

Remember you cannot learn without making mistakes but you have to make them before you learn.

The same thoughts went thru my mind about jacking it in as the instructor screamed at me for being a dumb c**t & 'I wouldn't trust you with f*****g a water pistol' I then went on to pass my CIC within 5 months of joining so just keep your head down & keep learning as much as possible.

My advise is finish your training then change units which is what I have done.

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