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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by 8952craig, Apr 4, 2007.

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  1. I'm just waitin for my date to start CIC (Para) at 'Costa del Cattrerick'. Now i am currently a STAB so obviously i got my own gear - daysack, tailored webbing etc, any ideas how much of this i can get away with at Catterick. I'm not after turning up like a little kit monster but obviously the webbing and daysack i'm used to would make my life a lot easier.
    So, ideas, knowledge please. Thanks
  2. Yeah, turn up with as much self procured stuff as you can carry. Really make yourself stand out so that the training team can appreciate your finer virtues.
    You don't want to be a Grey Man or anything...
  3. Easy there boy. Make sure you take up an issue set of webbing as you will be requireed to break it down for the log and stretcher race, otherwise you will have to do them with full belt order and believe me you don't want to be doing that!!

    As for boots, make sure you have a pair with a stepped heel, i.e. issue. Altbergs and Lowers will not do as you will not be able to do the Trinasium or the Steeple chase - Automatic fail!! drop us a line if you have anything specific.

  4. thanks for the advice people.

    I have always been under the impression that when in training, i.e CIC etc, it always pays to be the grey man, as the less the notice you, the less likely u r to fail, and the less likely u r to get dicked for crap jobs as you just blend in. Is this not the case?

    I am expecting to get a lot of stick from the DS anyways as soon as they realize i was in TA, so i dont want to make my life even harder by standing out too much. i just want to get there asap, do my 26 weeks, do my jumps course and get into battalion as smoothly as i can.

    I havent bothered too much with buying gucci boots, as i had already heard that training teams weren't too fond of lowas etc. So i thought a bit ahead on that one and have started breaking in my own pair of standard issue boots so i'm not gonna be a cripple in new boots when the tabbin starts.

    'PACESTICK' u sound very in the know, i didnt realize i would be able to break my webbing down for stretcher race etc so thats good to know thanks.

    Any other advice on what to take / not to take??

    All comments greatly appreciated, thanks
  5. Mate, just one thing, don't go banging on about being ex TA. If I was you, I wouldn't even mention it.

    Just remember that you've got some prior training and skills and use those to better yourself, and equally importantly your mates in the training platoon.

    I was a bit like yourself, did a year in the TA before going regular, and when in training,if i'd finished ironing my kit early, then i'd help a mate by ironing his kit while he was still bulling his boots.
    It gets noticed by the staff that you are helping your muckers and it's all good credit to you.

    forget all about your gucci kit, keep it at your folks house and when you get to your battalion, look to see what the other guys are wearing, and if they're wearing Lowes, then go and pick yours up on your next leave and bring them back to base with you.

    Hope this is of some help.

    Good luck kid, i'm sure you'll get along just fine.

  6. There is no need for you to take any of your own webbing daysack etc as you simply wont be allowed to use it, and as for boots the only boots you will be wearing is issued boots unless the physio say otherwise.
  7. The packing list on the wall will show you how to pack what and were. Trust me there will be no day sacks or softies on it.

    Issue kit only. The other stuff you can leave at home, or flog to the crows before you go.
  8. who knows how the training team will take it, if i was you i would just go with the same kit as the remainder of the lads , then as time goes by you will be able to gage weather that the training team will let you use your own gear, if you have you own gear they might think your a know it all and want to do your own thing, like you said you going to get stick as it is for being ex TA so try not to make it worse for yourself.

  9. I know exactly how they will take it :wink:
  10. Just turn up, dont stand out, get in in amongst, dont even volunteer any information regarding your STAB life, Good Luck.
  11. All good advice cheers boys,

    I will be sure to keep all TA history firmly to myself (would be almost as bad as turning up and sayin 'i am supercadet' haha

    I get my first long weekend after 6 weeks so that will give me plenty of time to work out the score with regards to what i can get away with and what i cant etc etc.

    So i think my plan will be to turn up with only the bare essentials of extras i knbow i will need - i.e little bits like tent pegs bungees an odds'n'sods like that, leaving all my green stuff at home.

    All the training i have already done can just tick over in the back of my mind hopoefully making my life that little bit easier as rahter then having to learn from scratch i can just top up on what i know and use my evenings to sort my kit out and then help my mates around me - as i'm sure there is gonna be a time i'm goona need dragging out a big whole when i blowin out my arse and i dont want be alienating myself - and idefinately dont want to come across to my mates an DS as 'that TA w*nker' haha.

    Cheers people

  12. bit late for that now :wink:
  13. Well i'm sure the traning team will see my file anyways so they will soon find out without me saying anything. Just gotta crack on with it, if i get stick i get stick don't i. I just gonna get my head down and work my arse off, it's a 26week road to where i want to be, and whatever is thrown at me on the way will be well worth it in the end.
  15. Keep your head down and don't draw attention to yourself with your Gucci kit. It's a well-trodden path to getting beasted to bits to be showing up a la Lowe boots, assault vests et al.