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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Dumb_GeorgeW, Apr 19, 2005.

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  1. Planning to join up what ever happens. Will be doing the RCB soon. Roughly how many RCB failures join in ranks? If i do screw up RCB would i be wise to keep this quiet when i join up? also will be 24 when i join up, what is average age of new recruits - don't really want to get stuck with a load of kids. Nice1.
  2. Dumb_George, who said the Rank and File would WANT YOU mate ? Pick a side man - your either a commissioned Officer or a ranker matey. Basically that means don't mention RCB to anyone if you do fail buddy.
  3. Don't talk cock Jockmod69...been both sides of the divide and this is the kind of divisive talk that keeeps it percieved as such...A lot of good bods did O Types and failed RCB - some of them are now WOs or even LE...A lot of people did RCB and then chose to enlist as Toms. Horses for courses and at 18 years old, you might not be a stand-out for a commission when after some time-in and knees-brown, well then it might be right. conversely, you might be commissioned at early doors and turn out to be the sort of officer who eventually gets filled in whilst on Firing Camp by a brother officer and the CO thanks you for doing it!! Er, thanks him, the hypothetical one, not the real one who got slappped called G***** E****.
  4. Well I am 25 yrs old, adn the age thing is always going to be a factor, but can be a positive, if your not dumb ******* jack ass, could lead to quicker promotion then others who are in troop that are younger. Also age isnt an issue when your using your regiment as a stepping stone to somewhere else in the army for example PF, SAS, Pilot. Dont get discouraged, be a damn leader.

    Cheers 2CB
  5. Alright mate , if RCB does'nt work out for you and you do join as another rank dont worry about it , i would perhaps mention the RCB thing at any interviews but just leave it there . The Lads in your intake dont need to know and the troop staff will have it all on your p-file . Just keep your gob shut and get on with it . As for the age thing , yes you will be with kids but its only for a few months until you get to your new unit , training is no dramas for an older guy . You can always do the 'Rupert " thing later in your career or you may just stay in the ranks with the "chaps"
  6. Grrrrrrrrr
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