New Recruits - Average age ?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by BurnCK, Aug 7, 2006.

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  1. Im just wondering what the average age of new recruits is ? Are there alot of older people who sign up ?

    The reason Im asking is that I am due to sign up later this year. Im 28yrs old and was wondering whether Im gonna just be with a load of 18yrs ? Not that Ive got a problem with that but it would be nice if there were a few people more my age who I could relate to....
  2. Howdy, your post reminded me of a chap that was in a mate of mine's platoon at Catterick about 2 years ago. He was also 28 years old ,married with two kids!! So its not unheard of. Remember though that alot of these lads will be between 16-25 and as such may posses a higher degree of fitness/stamina than yourself (although this is not neccesarily the case!)On the flip side being older/maturer may advance you up the promotion ladder a little bit quicker than some of the younger lads. Incidently, have you been told that your application will be accepted at your age? The Infantry bar is set at 26 years, so I take it that you are joining a Corps? The only people who are likely to be 'around your age' are the platoon staff and they probably wont want to do much relating with you!!! Good Luck!
  3. Im joining the REME so max age for what I wanna do is 29yrs old.
  4. I am 27,

    Hope to be joining later this year, I would imagine that 90% of the recruits are 16 - 20.

    I am hoping to squeeze into the Royal Engineers, hoping my civi qualifications will outwiegh the fact I am slighty over age.
  5. I joined when I was 26. Of my troop DS in basic, only the Sgt was older than me. :oops:

    However, I think its been a huge advantage, as age isn't a bar to fitness (8.45 on my last BPFA, 300 points is easy when you're 37), but a bit of extra life experience does you no harm at all. I got promoted to Staffy in just under 10 years, and I think it would have taken me a lot longer if I'd have joined as a 18 year old.

    Good luck by the way, its much more fun than working for a living! :p
  6. Thanks....that's one of the reasons Im joining. If I spend another year in an office then I think I'll go mental ! Was gonna do it along time ago when I had just left school, but the temptation of girls, going out getting drunk, etc, kind of made me forget about it for a while.
    Now Im all party'd out (I got some left for Army life though), so I think its a good time to join....I personally cant wait.
    Not been this excited since I believed in Father Christmas !!
  7. Wow, that little gem sounds like something i'd say! Good on ya fella. I'm 25 and did the whole, 'Yes! i'm 16, where's the birds, fags and off liscence!' instead of the sensible thing like join the Infantry. I'm not too worried about the age thing, so long as you keep yourself fit, mouth shut and eyes open then jobs a good 'un!
  8. Yeah, Im joinning at 25 too. Fcuk, are there any young people joining at all???

    On a similar note I just finished reading a book called "Squaddie" about a guy who passed out of CIC as a RGJ at 31!! Apparently the the only people older than him in his company were the sergeant-major and the OC.

    Its a good read btw and I thought it was insightful thou obviously I cant tell how accuraute it is.
  9. i'm 28 and joining in september. When i went to adsc everyone was about 16 lol, oldest there was 23.
  10. when i went to ADSC the oldest bloke was 25, nobody else there was older than 19
  11. I'll be 28 -or possibly retired given the speed were moving at- when I start. Do I have to bring my own walking stick or will I get issued a DPM version?
  12. Franz wrote:
    Tell me about it. I'm finding it very frustrating. you cant plan your life, and it hangs in the air. I really wish that "they" would get there arrse in gear and speed the application process along abit. I wonder how many potential recruits they loose due to time it takes??

    <ahem> Sorry, rant over
  13. I will be 30 when I go back to full time but I will be a PQO so not really the same, but when I got to phase 2 (as was ATFC for phase 1) the majority were around late teens/early 20s.
  14. I joined at 25, its really not a problem. But be prepared for Old Man jibes from scrawny 18 year old whippets running past you as if they havnt spent the last ten years on the beer. The cheek of it!
  15. I did basic training with the Infantry at 24 and was considered an old man -after being in the Bn for 2 years i noticed alot of older soldiers joining. I was much fitter than the teeenagers and got on better when joining my Bn.
    Older guys can get noticed more and you can progress up the chain quicker providing you are not a complete numb nuts.

    Good luck and stick it out.