New Recruits Application/Training

I am in the midst of applying, just completed my medical RG8 form, and am now obviously very concerned about what lies ahead following the weekends news.

I have spoken to my chosen unit and they have told me that no official announcement has been made yet and that I should carry on with my application unless otherwise informed and to attend tomorrows drill night with my completed medical forms.

Hoping that training in some form or other will continue during the next six months and that I can continue my application without having to start from scratch again (not that I have got that far yet).

What does anybody else think will happen? Will basic training discontinue completely? Will it continue but without pay (maybe expenses only)? Will all applications for new recruits be suspended or simply rejected?
Carry on, don't worry. This is a leak of news which may or may not be right. In the meantime unless you are told directly by your respective officer commanding, don't do anything different.

It is only speculation at this point, so do as your unit says and turn in with your paperwork.

Bottom line, carry on, as you would have done if you hadn't heard otherwise.

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