New Recruits and Asthma Policy

I am currently doing some in-depth investigation on behalf of my 17 year old son who is extremely keen to join the armed forces.

We have gone through all the correct processes and keep getting the message about asthma and the 4 year rule.

Yes, my son has had asthma, before his teen years (and only very mild at that, he has never been hospitilised or had what would be called an attack) - this we are not doubting.

However, he is now as fit as the next teenager, and has not used an inhaler for many years. The sticking point is the fact that 2 years ago, his GP gave him a prescription for a single inhaler because he thought he had hayfever.

What we are being told is that the above will be seen on his records and that will be that until the full 4 years has passed.

I am sure that my son would pass any physical test thrown his way during the selection process so it does not exactly seem fair that the profession he would love to join, and proudly serve his country, should be denied him for at nearly 2 further years during which he is stuck in limbo as he does not want to start another career on false promises and leave when his 2 year 'quarantine' is up.

Yes, we can understand why there are rules on asthma and the armed forces but is there no flexibility in these rules at all - that is the question I am seeking an answer for?

If we get a private medical report / test performed to prove his fitness, will this assist his application or is it really that black and white - i.e. no asthma medication on notes for at least 4 years. We have tried posing this question to the recruitment officers and on-line MOD websites but all we get is the standard script back about there having to be a 4 year window of non-asthmatic treatment.

Any advice on similar experiences would be greatly appreciated - currently we have a 17 1/2 year old son, desperate to serve his country for many years (it is the life he wants), not knowing which way to turn. In case it has any bearing on things, the area of the army he is especially keen on is the engineering / tank regiments.

Many thanks to all who assist in this.
Sorry, probably wasted everyone's time - found the search option eventually and searched for asthma, found loads of interesting comments from many people, although the advice does vary.

In short, appears we should get him a note from his own GP about being asthma free / not using or requiring inhalers and see what happens.

Can't do any harm I suppose

once again, apologies for wasting anyone's time
known lads within army with asthma BUT do not know if it started before or after joining.

believe you really need to be asthma free for 3 years before they let you in.
An inhhaler for hayfever should not a stopper but you need to get a letter from your GP stating what the inhaler was for and also stating your son is 4 years asthma free. Submit this letter with your sons medical forms via the recruiting office. If this doean't work you may need to see a specialist to confirm your lad is indeed asthma free then with this info, ask the recruiters to apply for a 203 special enlistment authority using your specialist diagnosis as the grounds for your request. Bear in mind the asthma rule is there to protect the health of the recruit and not merely to bugger you around!

In the meantime, tell your lad to do plenty of Physical training and fingers crossed he'll succeed!!

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