New recruitment idea?


War Hero
I thought that was called the Gurkhas!

It's already being done - all the commonwealth citizens in the armed forces.  RAF has significant number of KIWI piolts and air crew that transfered after New Zealand cut its airforce dramatically.


Ask 10 Regt and Deepcut how much they love the Fijians! Oh yes we have a great rugby team..............!

The CO of a certain Regiment has muted he doesn't want anymore!

Even the Linseed Lancers are having problems!
Wonder how many Canadians would be interested? All the ones I've worked with,love it here. Not sure if it's still true about CDF or whatever they've called this week, but some of them were interested in a Brit Army career.....
What's wrong with folk from our own shores?

Increase the pay and you'll be surprised how it improves recruiting and retention.....

I dunno....simple solutions......... ::)

Report for re-assimilation training. You have allowed common sense and rationale to invade your thinking  ;D
I served with Kenyan's, South Africans, Kiwi's, Australians and bloody Canadians all decided that thier best chance of seeing some real action was to join the good old British Army, on the same note I had a mate who transfered the other way and left the Engineers to join the Aussie Engineer corps. :-/ Better weather or something 8)

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