New Recruit Selection Week end

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Boxy, Jan 16, 2008.

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  1. This new centralised week end, any one know the score, thankfully we're not involved with it its being run at Glencorse, who by I have no idea, but its not us. But folk still ask me what goes on, so.......
  2. if you mean the selection weekend i am still awaiting details ( joining instructions) for potential recruits,ie how do they get there, what time to be there, what kit do they need to bring how do they get back if they get rtud, not even a weekend program has been issued or even some one briefing the recruiting staff ( apart from the official letter) of whats going on
    i guess its just a case of hurry up and wait as per.
  3. Needs to be soon since we start the new system of SUTs o Feb 8th!
  4. first selection weekend is the last weekend in january, but thats all i know about it
  5. Yes, we are doing them on the 3rd w/e of each month.

    There will be 2 RSDs ran each weekend, the first starts Friday night (I think you arrive at the center for 2200 latest) and finishs 1600 on the sat. the second starts mid-day on the sat and finishes the same time on the sunday.

    It involves a series of tests, assessments and an interview including

    The risk reduction run (2.4km/1.5m in 14 mins)
    Jerry Can lift
    muscle strength assessment
    BARB test
    Team Challenges (command tasks)

    Not exactly sure how it all hangs together, I'll get a better idea after this weekend once we have ran one
  6. Welly, If you could pm me with the details/pxr! I'd be grateful. Mght even buy you a beer and drink it me self!
  7. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer


    I have a pdf of the TA Recruit Selection Guide. PM me with your email address and I'll ping it over to you today.

    I have a hard copy of a generic admin instruction for a Selection Weekend for 4 Div. The timings are as stated by Wellyhead. Kit list is as follows:
    Sleeping system x 1
    Civilian clothing x 1 (for travelling)
    Stout Shoes or boots x 1 pair
    Washing & Shaving kit x 1 (to include towel)
    Change of socks x 1
    Flip flops x 1
    Warm waterproof jacket x 1
    t-shirt/vest x 1 (short sleeved)
    Sweat shirt x 1 (if cold)
    Sports bra x 1 (if cold)
    shorts x 1
    Track suit x 1 (or similar)
    Training shoes x 1 pair (not expensive designer ones)
    Sports socks x 1 pair
    Notebook & pen x 1
    KFS & Mug x 1 @
    Waterbottle x 1 (pref sports type)
    Money (for refreshments)

    Everything else on the AdminO is pretty much specific to that particular ASDC.
  8. Yea im going to that selection on the 8th got all the details (e.g. kit need to bring, time) im looking forward to it. Im coming from The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment - 4th Battalion D Company "Inkermen". It should be a good weekend if i can pass the 1.5mile run.
  9. i've heard that you only ned to pass the 1.5mile run and then if you don't do good in the other stuff you've still passed. Is that right?
  10. msr

    msr LE

    Surely (if in possession of top wobblers)?

  11. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    :lol: Freudian slip by me? Should've read "Sports bra x 1 (Females only)"

    Kind of, sort of. There's no pass/fail on any of the physical tests apart from the 1.5 mile run. They are an assessment of your abilities and the results are fed into a computer that will judge the feasibility of you undertaking training for your capbadge. Some of the machines are actually quite high-tech (well to my luddite eyes) which just have you pulling/pushing fixed objects that are obviously connected to sensors measuring the pressure. In one way it's somewhat frustrating for candidates as they don't know what to aim for.
  12. is this for all TA regiments and corps?
    i'm just asking as i joined late last year and i am still waiting for my number and docs back, although i have done the medical and have even been on exercise, have i avoided this new recruit selection weekend?
  13. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Yes it is and yes it would seem like you have.
  14. There will be 2 RSDs ran each weekend, the first starts Friday night (I think you arrive at the center for 2200 latest) and finishs 1600 on the sat. the second starts mid-day on the sat and finishes the same time on the sunday.

    i was led to belive this was a selection weekend fri to sun at glencourse.
    obviously the powers that be are using this site to let people inform each other, is this another sign of mod cutbacks
  15. I'd also heard rumours that there were to be female only RSWs during the week but that was from a fairly unreliable source soI dont play much credance in that