New recruit pay-how long?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by 303SMLE, Nov 25, 2005.

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  1. Alright; I joined the TA at the end of September, and have had my army No. since early october. I have also managed to rack up about 15 or so days (I joined at the perfect moment in the training cycle, and have been away almost every weekend since I was attested) and have spent about £60-£70 on diesel taking recruits to a recruit weekend. So far, I have not seen a sniff of any money; which is particularly annoying as I am out of pocket for the travel; being a student and no longer having a weekend job, money is now getting very tight.

    I have continually badgered my unit Admin Officer about it, and I appreciate that there is little he or my unit can do once it is in Glasgow's hand's. When, then, can I expect my pay to start arriving? Can I expect TA pay to always be irregular and in arrears, or will the system 'catch up' with me once I start being paid, so that I can expect to see it more promptly?
  2. msr

    msr LE

  3. Looks like your in the exact same boat as me, Got my army No. last week and have been told the next pay should roll in after Jan. I am also not applicable for student EMA, and it's hard to find a job being a full time student and my TA commitments. Going to have to sort out a legitimate income soon.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Right. We are just about to lose two keen and enthusiastic soldiers from the TA.

    Is someone listening - anyone?

    These posts have plunged me into the depths of despair.

    Does anyone have the phone number for the Commander Regional Forces, I'll phone him myself if I have to.

  5. Just to cheer you up msr it does work sometimes - I was attested at the start of October and have already been paid for October. Although unfortunately everyone seems very surprised at how quickly everything is coming through for me...
  6. Were any of you processed via Arcade? We find it all happens quicker if Arcade is used.
  7. I've been waiting for over a year now and have just been sorted for pay in December.......
  8. This should go in the Guiness Book of Records!
    It's ridiculous having to wait so long. I know APC can be a bit slow but once they give authority to TOS, which averages 2 months, it's then down to your admin office to make sure they process any pay that is owed. There is no reason why you shouldn't be paid by the following month.
  9. I've been a recruit at my squadron since early october, finished all my TAFS already, but now I'm changing to the DEPO scheme will i stick get paid for the recruit stuff I've done?
  10. Having had sight of recruits in both Soldier and Officer streams across a wide range of cap badges and individual units over the last 2 years I have the following observations to make:

    APC / APDO occasionally get it wrong (mind you, with the sheer volume of processing going on I am astonished that it is only occasionally) but when they do, and it is pointed out to them, it is usually corrected in double quick time.

    90% of all problems/delays with pay are caused at unit level. NRPS(05) seems to be a knee-jerk reaction (at least in part) to solving this problem, although it doesn't tell us what we can do about the TA Pay Clerk or Tp/Pl Admin Sgt or RRTT NCO or RRTT Offr who doesn't do their bit on behalf of the new recruit.

    I'm sorry but there are some cr4p people out there - equally sorry that some of them are TA. Thankfully they remain in the minority and the vast majority of people are looked after very well indeed (from observation, not just vague opinion).

    For those who are not being looked after well, make a nuisance of yourself. Sometimes bairns need to cry to let their mammies know they need feeding!