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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by smally, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. Starting basic training in October at Pirbright , can anyone give me a new recruit kit issue list.
  2. Have you not been given a list already? Give your local recruiting office or whoever is now looking after you at this stage.

    From personal experience I tried to put together as much 'common sense' items as I could before I went. they are the things you'd need day to day for your own personal admin.

    alot of what you'll need will be given to you but stock up on the basics it'll save you a fortune if you start getting it together now. my favourite was big tins of kiwi shoe polish (nothing else will do!) from wilkinsons. Buy enough of it to last the whole time.

    I looked at how to make my life easier for the whole time. I turned up with a ton of kit more than people but I didn't need to keep going to the shop every five minutes or wait for an iron and board to become free.

    I'll try dig out a list for you might still have it somewhere. any questions just PM me
  3. When i did my basic many many many moons ago the wooden coat hangers from wilco where a good buy, especially when the section cpl threw out all the plastic ones with various brand names on, then made every body by the expensive wooden ones fron the Naafi.
    Ditto on the large tins of kiwi
    spare set of diggers
    It was a long time ago since i did my basic but some things never change as my mates son is currently testifying.....
  4. Do you reckon I should take kiwi parade gloss, or kiwi black shoe polish?
  5. MODs, isn't there a sticky on this, if not could there before we start getting asked about what to take, apart from a good iron....?
  6. Bit of advice (My sister found out the hardway) if you get a kit list from your AFCO make sure you take EVERYTHING on it. The items on it are on it for a reason. As someone else has said, get yourself down to Wilkinsons, pikey shop yes but you will save a fortune and be able to get virtually everything on the list in there.
  7. take two wash kits, razors, shaving foam, toothpaste and brush. 1 to use 1 for display. wooden coat hangers are a must have as there a pound each at naffi and you need about 12. lots of polish and more than 1 tin so 1 can be for brush polishing and the other for bulling. A4 paper and plastic wallets for yor bast book. a combonation lock for your civvie locker because you're not always aloud to carry keys about. a good iron ones on sale there are crap. every thing else ypu need is issued to you.
  8. Kiwi black polish, the parade gloss is a bit shit, it's like a cross between dubbing and polish.

    And there is no way to cheat with bulling, don't try them, they all have their side effects.
  9. Top Tip M_2_G dont upset the staff on arrival and JI's will be issued on attestation.
    cant we merge all these Kit list Questions as theres about 6 on going at the mo MODS :D
  10. Hey smally, im off to pirbright in october. What date are you starting?
  11. msr

    msr LE

    Why not set up a wiki page?

  12. Whats a bast book? :?
  13. The best thing you could take with you that is not on your packing list is a sense of humour, by god you will need one.
  14. 8th October
  15. I'd say black show polish.