New recruit joins Terracotta Army

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PartTimePongo, Sep 18, 2006.

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    Lol @ 'serious crtiticism' from the Chinese old Bill. "Nein, nein nicht der face'

  2. Spreadsheet_Bob

    Spreadsheet_Bob Old-Salt

    ...or does it mean "start saving for your very own 9mm round, son"...? Bye bye...:wave:
  3. They should just have dipped him in concrete and left him to it.

    It's years since they had any new recruits.
  4. Invicta

    Invicta LE

    Brave man, I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of the Chinese 'justice' system.
  5. Chalky

    Chalky LE

    This thread would've been much funnier if it had been titled 'New Recruit Joins TA', fooling people into thinking you meant Territorial army.

    Then we could all have laughed.


    See? Funny...

    I'll get my coat.
  6. Howler

    Howler War Hero

    Amnesty International has proof of 2000 executions in China in 2005, but the real figure may be upwards of 8000!!

    That's a sobering 24 a day

    They have even invested in mobile execution chambers to speed up the process. You couldn't make this up.

    I remember watching a 'Death parade' in Suzhou in 2004, the roads were lined with 'Soldiers' and my female companion asked the taxi driver (For me) what was going on?
    He theatrically drew his finger accross his throat and started laughing, before hoiking and gobbing out of the window.

    The sentenced man was standing on a flatbed lorry, shackled to the floor and to the guards, looking extremely hacked off.

    I really regret not having any piccies.

    Nice place China
  7. DillonFlatBack

    DillonFlatBack Old-Salt

    And here it is...
  8. Howler

    Howler War Hero

    I can't get in, they want some password!!

    I'd love to see them though.
  9. DillonFlatBack

    DillonFlatBack Old-Salt

    And there was me thinking I could get away with saying I'd just surfed in :D

    Try this
  10. Howler

    Howler War Hero


    Either I am as thick as Chairman Mao's hemorrhoids, or you have that dubious honour.

    At this stage I wouldn't like to commit myself.

    Is there a little 'techie' secret to this?
  11. DillonFlatBack

    DillonFlatBack Old-Salt

    Hmmm....should work. Failing that try this, click on forums, go to images and scroll down page 2. I warn you it's a bit of an extreme site 8O
  12. DillonFlatBack

    DillonFlatBack Old-Salt

    Oh and look for "chinese poison execution van. If you don't get waylaid by all the other horrors on there, that is :D
  13. Howler

    Howler War Hero

    What an unusal site!

    Still no luck and am starting to lose interest.

    My secretary uses this computer so I'd better be a bit careful. I'll need to get one or two more if I want to access Chinese mobile death chambers and other such delights.

    Thanks anyway
  14. DillonFlatBack

    DillonFlatBack Old-Salt

    check yer pm Howler