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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by MarkWolves, Apr 1, 2011.

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  1. Hi :)

    I have my B.A.R.B on the 8th April. How long on average till i get my chance at ADSC? Also, i want to be an Infantry Driver, is this role hard to get into (as in not many places available) Any info about what the jobs like from any serving Infantry Drivers would be great :)

    Thanks :)
  2. Infantry driver? No such thing.
  3. First of all I'm deploying Wah shield

    Anyone can be a driver in the Infantry. Once you've finished Catterick and been posted to your Battalion you can get sent to the MT Plt. The Regiment you join can affect how long this takes as an armoured or mechanized Bn will need more drivers than a light role Bn
  4. Though in light role battalions all the drivers (MT) are biffs, mongs and general useless *****.
  5. Infantry driver is that the position of driving pissed squaddies home form the pub ?
  6. True, but I didn't want to dash his hope of hold back the invading hordes with tales of Ginsters and high BMI scores
  7. Well then the army needs to revise its website...

    Thanks crow bag. Im new to this so could you explain more please? What is MT plt? and whats an armoured or mechanized Bn?

  8. Ok. First of all i thought this site would be helpful, guess i was wrong.

    I told Careers officer that i wanted to join, he told me what i would be interested in, i told him i liked driving. He gave me books on logistics and infantry. In that infantry book was a very small section called 'Infantry Driver'. I went on the army website to find out more about it. All ive asked is for info from you guys, if theres no such thing then fair enough, no need to take the moral high ground. Guess ill just have to wait till i see my Careers officer again. Thanks for your erm, help.
  9. Try this to start you off.

    The MT Plt is the Motorized Transport Platoon. These are the units vocational drivers. They're the ones who drive bedfords and the like on exercise. They also work in the servicing bay doing basic work on vehicles before they go to the LAD (Light Aid Detachment) where the VMs (Vehicle Mechanics) of the REME carry out the more complicated work.

    You don't have to be in the MT to be a driver, all the Rifle Companies will have some trained drivers so they don't need to borrow blokes from other places while on exercise or Ops.

    FSJ is right about the MT Plts in Light Role Bns, they are generally populated by the fat, downgraded, lazy and workshy of the Bn though the occasional misguided good bloke slips through.

    I'm not an MT warrior so my answers shouldn't be taken as gospel.
  10. Apparently the position does exist


    The Role: The role of Infantry Driver is two jobs rolled into one. You will be an advanced combat driver with a host of licences, and an expert in vehicle maintenance, qualified to fix and replace complex vehicle parts. And you will get to drive everything from a weapons-mounted Jackal to a Warrior armoured vehicle.

    The Skills: On top of training in basic maintenance, you have the chance to get category B, C and E driving licences as well as a certificate in hazardous materials. You will also work towards an apprenticeship in engineering.

    Smells a bit RLC to me
  11. Oh really?
  12. What it means is you might get qualified to drive lots of stuff and you'll be taught how to do A jobs and change oil and air filters as pretty much everything else is done by the LAD
  13. I think im just gonna tell my Careers adviser to pick a role for me. Much easier :/
  14. Not the smartest idea at the end of the day, any career choice is the choice of the individual career. Advisors are there to advise not dictate.
  15. You join the Infantry as an Infantry Soldier, you don't choose your role till after training and even then there's no guarantee you'll be able to work in that role straight away