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Gents, if you have seen my previous posts in other sections im involved with the new Support Veh Project. Just recieved a pic of the Foden replacement. Fresh from factory.
As CH512O has said, here is the new SX45 Recovery Vehicle that will replace the Foden.

It will come in two variants, this one shown with 16R20 tyres and then a variants with 'fat-boy tyres (24R21) on the rear two axles for BR90 Regts etc.

We only stuck it up, so that the Reccy Mechs could have something nice for Christmas.

Arte et Marte, you mean twist to open.
What do you think, cause it is good, body by MAN, top hamper by EKA.

Will whoop the pants of anything else in the world, especially the 'super compact' on thew rear.

As for a smaller version, you don't ask, you don't get. People in the DEC didn't see the need, so blame them not the Contractor
Dont think it looks as good as the eka we have now.

is it double clutch still. does it have any extra features or have some been taken away?
I vaguely remember seeing pictures of the old 14 (Berlin) Fd Wksp wrecker, wasn't that a MAN a bit like this? Back in the days of the wall etc.
The truck has a fully automatic gearbox, not as hi-tech as the HX versions which have the MAN Semi-auto version. But all the SX versions, Cargo and Recovery, have the auto box.
BV is included!
2 Versions could of been built but an SX, being the IM version will recover where ever another SX and HX could go or not be the case :roll: and the money that a bare SX chassis costs, is change not much short of £100k! I expect there isnt a lot of money going spare to build 2 versions.
All the variants will get proper armour protection.
Is the repair for these trucks going ot ALC or some other sort of company or are they gong to start equipment courses and SEME? Also seen as were due to get them in service and at the moment we are having problems trying to conver the lads to driving B/fords 4t, 8t and 14t who is going to do that, is there a team coming round of do we have to send people away?
Training etc has all been covered in the Trainign Needs Analysis, and there will be two types of training. Conversion training which will be carried out in/near your unit just before your unit recieves the kit. Then steady state will kit in a bit further down the line at SEME and DST Leaconfield. Point to note thought, the conversion training is just that, so if your guys don't currently have a licence/winch qualification etc, you will not be converted onto the new kit.
It is therefore incumbent on all units to ensure that your guys have the correct licences before you get the new kit.
Opsec prevents discussing the order of deployment.
the_man_in_the_corner said:
Man_at_Man, Can it take recover every wheeled vehicle that we have?
Part of the User Requirement document would of generalised what vehicles the new truck had to lift and recover.
When it gets to MVT testing it will go through specific equipment trialling. But it will be safe to say if MAN designed it, it will lift all MAN vehicles. The problem lies with in-service legacy vehicles that we will still drive around in till we all go over to SV.
Or those funny RAF vehicles...i say this because you should of heard MAN when someone from the RAF said "what about snowploughs?" to which MAN replied "your not putting one of those yellow rusty looking things on our warry truck!" :D
CH512O wrote
"what about snowploughs?" to which MAN replied "your not putting one of those yellow rusty looking things on our warry truck!"

Does that mean it can carry it?
chocolate_frog said:
CH512O wrote
"what about snowploughs?" to which MAN replied "your not putting one of those yellow rusty looking things on our warry truck!"

Does that mean it can carry it?
I think MAN will either supply a new one or all snowploughs are getting replaced soon anyway.
the_man_in_the_corner said:
Another thing for the tax payer to pay for then a new snow plough, i wonder who will get the contract for that. Man?????
Actually Snowploughs are under the Airfield Support umbrella and all its equipment is being looked at. But i dont see a problem with the contractor for the prime mover (the truck) ensuring what ever fits on it, fits correctly. If he gets the contract great, but i think its not at any tender stages or anything.
As for the taxpayer paying for it, yes. All new equipment programs are paid by us, the body armour you wear, the new patrol vehicles going out to Iraq etc. I dont see a problem paying for anything if it means better kit for us!
'with that 2nd axle where the foden has the large bin where is the hernia bar gonna go?'

There is no Hernia Bar, EKA have designed a 'Supa-Compact' that does away with the need for one.

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