New RBS/Nat Fuckup?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pigshyt_Freeman, Jul 3, 2012.

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  1. Anyone banking with these wretches may want to check their accounts asap... they seem to be taking payments and direct debits several times until the accounts are empty. My business and private accounts have been emptied by this means.
  2. Take statement and go to the bank and ask. After Al Qaeda bombed the World Trade Center in NYC my Massachusetts bank statement showed ATM transactions in cities I had never been to. It turned out in my case that all the transactions were mine but the power surge from the bombing had fucked up the computer for the cash network.

    RBS/UlsterBank etc sounds like a worse mess though. Another Arrser, in NI, has not been able to get money for a week or more.
  3. Hello, you are speaking to gupta in Bangalore, I haven't a clue what I'm doing
  4. ....... But I am doing it with much cheapness so who cares.

    True story: I once visited a mate who worked with the world's supply of Indians in a data centre owned by a company that shall remain nameless.

    On every floor there were notices stating "You can only go to the toilet in designated toilet areas." They'd been frightening the natives by peeing in the stairwells and dumping in the bushes while popping out for a fag.
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I have been using the RBS cock up as an excuse for making latre payments on everything, of course if I actually banked with them it may look legitimate but most big banks etc seem happy to believe me as they are relieved its not them!
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  6. Actually they've laid on a 24-hour helpline whose staff seem close to a nervous breakdown. The Geordie-sounding girl said that the 'team' would sort me out, and transferred me to somewhere subcontinental where a chap shouted inaudibly through the crackle at me.

    I'll go into the branch later and shout at them a bit. The really annoying thing is that not only have they drained my accounts, they've bounced other DDs and are no doubt planning to charge me for the pleasure of having done so.
  7. Ulsterbank have been paying out to anyone who takes in their payslip/benefit details for well over a week now.
  8. Helpful Banking.