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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cloudbuster, Sep 18, 2005.

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  1. I struggled for a nanosecond, trying to figure out where to put this link;

    It's a little bare right now, but think what might become of it.
  2. Lets invade fellow arrsers!

  3. Lets not. It would only serve to affirm that this site (Arrse) may well have lots of muppets on it. They may think so; Lets not give them cause to confirm it, eh?
  4. A fair point. Therefore, as originator of this thread, please find a mod to delete it.
  5. I am in total agreement with M'lud Flash. I don't think it needs deleting CB , just an advisory that someone has taken the time and effort to put it together, and it doesn't need trashing. Well, not until some brave soul posts "Pongos are shite" etc :D

    In the interim, good luck to them , the Growbag section is suspiciously empty. Top tip for the creators - If you don't put the two-w(h)inged master race at the very top of the forum, in 30 point scarlet , they won't contribute ;)
  6. OK, neck wound in. Someone's clearly made a bit of an effort, and should be applauded.
    I noticed that at the top of the sub-list they'd placed Air Traffickers - I wonder where the rest of the Service place them? :lol:
  7. Looks good, might be worth the odd look.
  8. Total agreement there Flashy, and good luck to em, they is def gonna need it if past history re site invasion is anything to go by! I say let them develop their toy and hope it turns out as good as ours eh?
  9. I have joined.

    Good luck to them.

    It won't be the same and it is possibly a rip off from here, but if I can play nicely, you all can.

    (Take note Smooj)

    Edit: They haven't even got chat!!!!!
  10. I can't access E-goat. Anybody got any gen?
  11. Apparently the server it was on doesn't allow the word 'arrse', something to do with their policy on rude words.

    Its being moved to a new server.
  12. Are you serious?
  13. anyone know were it has been moved to?