New RAF recruit proposes on parade square



1,2,3...... awwww sweeeeet.

Now that is quite enough of that! If there is any parade sq dust on his trouser leg after that unorthodox drill movement he should find himself on a charge and rightly so.
Quote, "It was like the final Everest to Graduate". That doesn't even make sense, is he comparing doing 9 weeks of Naafi breaks takes the same physical demands as climbing just under 30,000 feet? I though Crabs were meant to be cleverer than we Infantry types? Thick ****.

What's a Graduation? we pass off in England young Sonny, if you want to be Richard Gere, find yourself a White suit and a Hamster and crack on, but don't involve any of us for Fucks sake, some of us have reputations to uphold.
Wait till the Diversity Strike Force hears about this. By the end of the year there will be full-on civil partnerships performed on the parade square followed by 'partnership night' shenanigans carried out in the presence of at least three witnesses of Air Commode rank or above.