New RAF C-17 aircraft touches down in the UK

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by MoD_RSS, May 24, 2012.

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  2. Ffs, who writes this shit?

    The C-17's huge capacity means it can carry loads weighing up to 70 tonnes - equating to three Warrior armoured vehicles, or even a Tornado fast jet.

    Since when has a ******* Typhoon tipped in at 70 tons?
  3. Plane lands on runway, another thrilling instalment by the RAF RSS feed.
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  4. Shame they dont actually get used, for example, taking the hanger worth of kit/rations at Brize out to Afghan....
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  5. You spoiled that for me.
  6. I take it that this one is on a 'brighthouse' payment plan as well.
  7. I left out the bit about the brave SAC who opened the door after it landed!
  8. And then promptly banged in a couple of days TOIL for working "unsociable hours" (probably).

  9. Out of interest, how long until the C-17s get retired.

    1) airframe wear n tear
    2) run out of funds to keep them flying post Herrick drawdown
    3) RAF run short of regular serving pilots as the Reserve Pilots actually standdown.
  10. Are these still on the "never never"? Or did we buy them out of that contract?

    Could do with a few more
  11. We own them now.

    Fear not! We bought into the A400M that will be nearly as expensive and far less capable and is years late!

    MOD - leading the world in not so smart procurement since 1962.
  12. They'll be mothballed first. That's if they don't spend ten years in a hanger somewhere because the knobs on the radar are Bakelite and not melamine. Replacements are planned For about 200 years from now. This will mean reduced flying hours per year, but this is in keeping with current defence cost reduction planning.