New R111

I've been hearing rumours, now on my Google news feed an Artists impression of a new Triumph Rocket 111.
Rumour 1: The new bike is going to be 2,500 cc.
Rumour 2: From the Artist Impression 'Single Sided Swinging Arm'
Rumour 3: Its handling is going to be even more sportier. How you make a 300 odd kilo motor cycle 'Sportier' is beyond me.
I had a 2004 Rocket 111, all I can say is I WANT ONE!!!
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If you want the chance of seeing it this place is likely

Google Maps

Back when I lived near there I bumped into the Triumph test rider a few times when he was filling up at the BP Station - me on my K100RS back then. He told me that for the endurance testing he simply takes it up, or down the A5 as far as it will go and then the rest of the way up or down the M1 doing a complete up down in a day. To alternate he would go along the Fosse Way and up and down the M6.

The bikes used to be dull colours, stuff on the back with his bib's n bob's in and he used to wear el cheapo waterproofs, nothing flash to look at.
Got a mate who's in the Rocket 111 owners club, apparently they've got some sort of do at Hinckley sometime in the early new year.....
Can't wait!!!!!

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