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Discussion in 'Medals' started by Danny_Dravot, Oct 2, 2011.

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  1. So, the other day i was clearing out some stuff and i came across my original TELIC medal (all of the ones on my rack are copies) and i happened to notice that it didn't have my service number engraved. I wondered if the numberless thing was an occifer thing so checked my others, but they all have my number on them...

    Does anybody else have a 'numberless' TELIC medal, or was this a mistake/one off and is Ebay now calling????
  2. Should be numbered, if not does it have a replacement mark on it?
  3. Officer's medals only have rank, name and Corps/Regt engraved (according to my own Granby and Telic gongs anyway)....
  4. My TELIC gong has service no on it. My GRANBY one doesn't. Both are originals.
  5. my others have service number...just not telic gong
  6. That's interesting, I've just checked Mr Weegwa's gongs (who was a dirty filthy ranker) and his are engraved with his service numbers....
  7. How old? Granby, of course, was when they actually engraved / stamped it. My Telic medal is one of the newer laser engraved ones.

    It might also be a JPA thing.
  8. Interesting. My GSM (NI) does, my HERRICK one does not. Never noticed before.