New QUEST: essential course and career information for serving and ex-Service personnel

All-new QUEST magazine is now live, in print and online at

QUEST – established for almost two decades as the go-to resettlement guide to careers and training opportunities for those leaving HM Armed Forces – now also incorporates COURSES 4 FORCES, its sister publication providing in-depth information on courses and funding for those still serving.

Published monthly, new QUEST brings readers the best of both worlds – so, whether they are still in uniform or have already started preparing for life ‘on the outside’, it’s the only guide they’ll need to funding, courses, training, careers and transition.

It’s essentially a ‘magazine of two halves’: the first part puts at readers’ fingertips everything they need to know about claiming their ELC and how best to use it – whether they are currently serving or have already left but are still eligible to make a claim. As well as all the important ins and outs of the ELC application and claims process, QUEST also highlights how distance learning can help in the quest for qualifications, and homes in on higher-level study options, if that’s where readers are setting their sights. Each issue also spotlights selected career areas that we know from experience are popular choices with both Service leavers and those still serving but already thinking ahead to their transition. Readers can find out about the sort of courses that will help them further their skills in these areas – whether to boost their Service career prospects or to smooth their resettlement with relevant qualifications that will make them more desirable employees on leaving. The section winds up with our one-stop ‘Funding Factfile’, which sums up the financial support available to assist readers’ learning pursuits.

Part two of new QUEST presents the usual mix of inspiration and practical guidance on resettlement issues that our readers have come to expect. From how-to guides to buying your own house to putting your pension plans in order, from reader success stories to civvy-savvy advice from those who have already negotiated the route through resettlement. Backing all this up are full Career Transition Partnership course and events listings and our own ‘Transition Factfile’ – readers’ one-stop shop for useful info from a range of sources. Holding all this together is ‘The Hub’ – home to pivotal information on course and training options, transition news and reader reports.

By gathering together under one roof, in a handy monthly guide, the essential course and career information our readers need, QUEST aims to support the UK’s Service personnel throughout their military careers and beyond.

QUEST – the friendly route-planner for all ranks. Find out more at