New Quad Core processors

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by wildcard.rgbw, Feb 1, 2010.

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  1. Anyone tried the i3 or i7 processors? I was nearly content with my 9850 2.83ghz quad core but I've been hearing good things from them, is it worth forking out for an upgrade?

    Aside from the processor my rig is 6gb of RAM and a GTX 275 GPU, so whilst its not obsolete I'm getting an insecure feeling it will be soon :oops:
  2. i7 is the dogs balls. Saying that though, with your current rig there is sod all pointing in crossing over at the moment in the slightest. You've got a decent amount of life left in it. No need for insecurity.
  3. Never mind your computer. When you gonna deal with the jackets or £80 issue that you have got with me?
  4. The i7's are very good

    I've got one in my rig now and it runs very smooth with 12gb ram and i've got it overclocked to 4ghz with the stock cooling system

    The memory management on the i7's is the same as far as i know as the i3's so that makes it more efficient on using the ram that's installed.

    As well as the processor though you'll probably need a new mobo that supports x58 and you may as well get some good ddr3 ram while your at it.

    I've got these
    Intel Core i7 i7-950 / 3.06 GHz processor
    ASUS Rampage II Extreme
    6x corsair 1333mhz ram
    5x velociraptor 10k 300gb hdd's
    GeForce GTX 285

    and it screams along without any bother not matter what i do to it...well almost. Too many vm's and it still slows down

    If your happy with the rig it should do a while longer unless you just want a beast.

    It might be worth the upgrade if you plan on doing a lot of gaming and or dev work you just want a massive rig
  5. Bloomin heck, what do you do with a machine like that? I do dev work in multiple environments with much less than that. Saying that having lots of VM's going might be handy.
  6. I thought i HAD a beast but being a heavy gamer constantly want more and more, I'm seeing price inconsistencies with the clock speeds of processors on my suppliers website (

    My Intel Core 2 Quad retailing at 164.73 Ex.VAT

    INTEL I5-661, 3.33GHz, 2500FSB, LGA1156, 4MB CACHE at £ 133.60 Ex.VAT

    INTEL I7-860, 2.80GHz, 4.8 GIGATRANSFERS/S (2400FSB), LGA1156, 8MB CACHE at £188.72 Ex.VAT

    Bearing in mind these are trade only prices, why is the i5 cheaper but busting out a higher clock speed and a faster FSB? Perhaps we all need a little clarification on how this is all going to benefit our gaming rigs?

    I see my Core 2 Quad has a 12mb cache so thats where it comes out on top.

    As for you woobley, that i7-950 is retailing on my suppliers site for £ 373.31 Ex.VAT, so it must be some profession you needed THAT for!
  7. Stop messing me around, wildcard.rgbw wheres my £80 or jackets!
  8. I work for a tel-co at the min but that rig was built for a proper job as i've my own consultancy which has slowed down somewhat in the past 6 months.

    I was doing my own consultancy and was putting together new sites for my customer's.

    So I'd build the whole thing in vm's and then deploy the images to the pc's on site once it was all built and running just fine

    So I'd have to have a fair few vms open at one time usually about 5/6 in addition to my own server vm's sot that would put it up to about 8-9 so that's where the ram really comes in handy

    The rest of it just makes gaming so much of a better experience and generally usage a lot faster, ripping dvd's and on the fly trans coding for the ps3.

    It's a beast and at the minute it's not much beyond gaming and streaming to the home network, but it was well worth the ££££'s
  9. AMD dual and triple core chips, are quad core with 1 or 2 cores locked, but can be unlocked, (look on e-buyer).

    Not that this piece of info is of any use to me!
  10. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Jeesus I thought the machine I built for the Mrs a couple of years agow was still Ok.

    2.4Ghz intel Duo
    4 Gb DDR 2
    and a fcuk off 800Mhz graphics card

    Guess I'd better start a rethink. Mind you I've been thinking of building myself a machine for General use. A bit of gaming and a bit of surfing.
    Quite fancy also building a media server and linking it up to the Xbox 360.

    any suggestions for the General purpose machine? thought I'd trawl for some older stock and save money as i dont play COD or such like on the PC.

    thoughts gents.
  11. A nice cheapo AMD dual core of 3.0ghz and 2gb of RAM with a budget ATI gfx card would do the trick, those are the most cost effective brands when it comes to PC building; AMD & ATI
  12. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Ta that looks ok especially as I have 2Gb of Corsair 6400C4DHX RAm sitting here un opened and brand new.

    Corsair by the way do live up to their "life time " warranyt I had "Gb of Dominator go wrong, well one of the strips did and they are paired. I fired of an enquiry and their system kicked in. dead easy dead simple and quick enough. I got the said replacement parts within the month for the grand cost of Nowt not even the postage they paid for the lot.
  13. scan

    Are pretty good and undercut overclockers on occasions .
    They both have deals for the week or day and some good deals are there to be had .
    My friend uses Scan because they are close to his house and he said they are good.

    Hope it helps :soldier:
  14. Bah, Overclockers is the doggy's nubblies. Good service. Top quality goods. Their systems are bloody outstanding (if you're too lazy to build), and cover all price ranges. No overpriced commerical bullshit like Alienware et al. Want a decent PC for a few hundred? Fair play. Want a super rig for £3.5k with all the best toys? Here you go.