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I have wondered, this past forty years, whether MI5 employed someone to counter the IRA Plans for poisons, industrial sabotage and agricultural sabotage.

Apparently not !

I have read speculation that the spookies read ARSSE.

Perhaps the techie stuff and a High Court cause issue, see Baron Castleshortt thread, has caused MI5 to conclude they're Shortt staffed.

here is a Knockknee playwright exercise ... I am now pondering who was amongst "Johnny Slug's circle of mates"

Knockknees Playwrighting Exercise

Scene 1 the Managing Directors Office of a Backup Genny Manufacturer

Mr Jimmy Turd, MD,

Mr Johnny Slug (Shop steward)

Jimmy Turd: Well Slug what’s all this about you nobbling the generators in manufacture ?

Johnny Slug: Well Turd if generators were nobbled in manufacture why didn’t factory test discover that ?

Jimmy Turd: Don’t answer a question with a question Slug.

Johnny Slug: Well then let me contribute a context to this conversation you have solicited. Management falsification of factory test records meaning untested generators go straight to site for installation. (raises hand to stop Turd’s attempted interruption). And your new massive production facility. Some of the overhead cranes have never been used. It has a capacity for massive production but only about twenty per cent of its capacity is realised. I am thinking appearance and balance sheets here. Then I am reflecting on my keyholder responsibilities for your large warehousing facility which is not used in support of production. And that I noticed whenever I am tasked to ensure the warehouse is locked that it coincides with MOD procurement engineers on site to witness test or carry out magnetic field tests of gennies destined for minesweepers. I figure the bosses don’t want MOD getting a wee squinty into that warehouse. Full to the brim of crates end user certificated as generator spares bound for Middle East where, currently, there is a major flare up vis a vis Iran and Iraq. So I am thinking hey diddle diddle little Jimmy Turd. You get me investigated for sabotage my little pal and you will get investigated for fraud for falsifying test records and all sorts of end user ramifications too re your Queens Awards for Export Achievement.”

Scene 2

A Gentlemen’s club.

Chief constable Dipstick

Jimmy Turd

Dipstick “So wot’s da full SP like on da nonsa nobbling hospital and nuclear power station backup gennies. Want him sorted ?”

Jimmy Turd “Well no I had in mind a more lucrative option for you Dipstick. My number crunchers assure me that the UK National Power Grid is not vulnerable to cumulative collapse like the USA system. So we can never experience a situation in which whole areas would suffer black out and simultaneous catastrophic failures of our backup gennies occur. Even if a nuclear power plant went rogue then they could stay offline and draw power from the grid to prevent criticality developing after their backups failed. So we are in no danger from Slug’s sabotage or indeed from our own prolific test records falsifications. Otherwise we would be staring at multiple Chernobyl disaster in UK and a three century evacuation”

Dipstick “Now that would be a major crowd control policing prob. Force policy unwritten Schedule A never get involved in company fraud when there is a litter lout to nick. Is there a drink in it tho”

Jimmy Turd “A bluddy good drink mate. We are as safe as houses. No way would there be a massive area switch down of the national power grid. Only thing is you gotta shut up a geezer called Knockknee”

Scene 3 (Split stage)

The Old Bailey 1996

Learned Milord “I remain somewhat confused by the linkie

Why on earth would a small gang of semi literate PIRA with bolt cutters, ladders and icing sugar want to hoax us to switch off large swathes of the UK electrical power distribution systeeem. I am minded to advise the jury that these Paddy wonkers don’t know why either.”

Dipstick “Well if it pleases Milord my force has scrutinized matters and assessed various suspects for planning this operation. We have judged them by the company they keep. Walts Milord”

Learned Milord “Oh goodie .. See you at the club and one day we can enjoy reading about it on Arsse then. May I assume that I shall never be troubled by an upgrade to their Walt status ?”

Scene 3 (Split stage)

10 Downing Street 1998

Tony Bliar “ Well how about just bomb and bullet then Mr Adams”

Gerry Adams “OK then let’s have a Good Friday Agreement which only requires us to declare our bomb, bullet and firearms capability”

Dipstick “I concur Prime Minister there has never been any evidence the IRA developed or deployed its other three planned terrorist weapons. Industrial Sabotage, agricultural sabotage and poisons”

Tony Bliar “That will give fecking Straw a face like a smacked harris. Stephen Lawrence Inquiry yeah yeah yeah well I play one Good Friday Agreement and how’s that for a political legacy then ?”

Gerry Adams “You’re a cont and no mistake where do I sign”
Token Binty to Token Tinty what a history.

Who was IC MI5 industrial sabotage ? Was it Stella Rimmington ?

Who is the Chief constable who was a Staff Officer with HMIC advising Home Sec on anti terrorism at the material time ? Michael Fuller.

And who is the Chief constable now subject of Knocknee's application for leave for Judicial Review ?

Don't hold yer breath waiting for the Judiciary to allow this one to open court.

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