New Pub in Bordon

Discussion in 'REME' started by the_mentalist, Sep 10, 2007.

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  1. Driving through Bordon the other day and I could not believe my eyes, just past the jet garage by the roundabout, there is a brand new pub, the car park was chocker too.

    Just wondered if anyone has used it yet and if it is squaddie friendly?
  2. Oh and by the way, it is walking distance to the kebab shop!
  3. For fecks sake, new members of the Corps are having it easy these days (sic). I remember the days of having to walk miles to get to a pub when I was at SEME, wasn't so bad going - it was the staggering back. Within staggering distance of the kebab van is a luxury.

  4. I have been several times and it is quite good. They do food and most of the waiteresses are polish. This pub forms part of the development agreement for Bordon. Basically the MOD is looking to sell great swathes of land in and around Bordon as you can imagine there are no shortage of development firms willing to buy the land for housing, the council has said that developers must also build lesiure facilities. In the near future expect a cinema, bowling alley and of course lots of houses.
  5. The place will still be a hole, full of Chavs :)
  6. Somewhere new for the Bordonites to congregate eh? Won't be long until it's out of bounds though. "It's a local pub, for local people!"
  7. Is Bordon so up market these days that the Chavs have moved in? I thought it was just full of Pikeys!!!
  8. :twisted: they need us in Bordon if only to expand the gene pool of the inbreds they have there :twisted:
  9. don't supose the developers are building a new road to sort the 325 parking lot.
    as for the kebab van, remember being posted there and bringing one back for the wife and i, sober, sh*t they taste different.
    had to go back the next night drunk as not to spoil the legend
  10. bawbag, if you are who i think you are you would fit in nicely !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted:
  11. And just who do you think I am?
  12. Was there last week - a well deserved break from a short internment at HMP Bordon - Good food and good service! (Slightly better than the pay as you dine slop.) I think it's aimed more at the family and business types rather than the Bordon chav market :D

    There is a rumour that it's OOB til the RSM pays them a visit. (Luckily we are TA so we don't read orders.)

  13. The gene pool in Bordon...a liberal dose of chlorine needed

    They should open a banjo shop not a pub
  14. Bordon used to have a beautiful cinema, They already closed it, what makes a case for a new one?
    :lol: :lol:
  15. we're not allowed in, some of the 'children' from SEME made sure of that.